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Covered this week; Do you have a (fuckin’) plan? Tapper rings Trump’s bell… Don’t cough into your hand, Koloskus ranks some Covid graphics… Sadly, John Prine dies of Covid19 at 73… Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood of the mid to late 80’s… How responsible is this TikTok girl for the reaction she inspired? Welcome to the Trumpocalypse, fuck the religious right and other stories… SNL Music Producer Hal Willner, gone way to soon at 64…

April 6, 2020

This strikes me as being as concise as you can be in trying to get a look behind the curtain… problem is, I think we all already know what’s behind (or not behind) that curtain… should I be brought that tiny amount of joy imagining Trump watching this clip on his phone late at night? Nah… I’m pretty sure his particular brain isn’t even capable of processing this particular message… but oh well.

Mr. President, I know you, like millions of Americans, are eager to have the nation go back to some semblance of normal. One of the questions the American people need answered for that to happen responsibly: What’s the plan?

April 7, 2020

Here’s the one where Mr. Koloskus rates some Covid graphic design.

Jack Koloskus is The Outline’s design whiz. He makes our work and our website special and fresh, and he has terrific visual taste. We’ve presented him with eight different coronavirus graphics that offer different pandemic best practices. Jack offered his thoughts on the graphics below, rating them on a scale of 0 to 10, with a brief accompanying description.

April 8, 2020

Godspeed John Prine, RIP. A fantastic eulogy from Craig Jenkins and if you’d rather the Times Obit, here you go.

Listen to anyone who’s worked in Nashville long enough, and you’re likely to hear a story of a fond encounter with Prine, whose impact on Americana, first as a musical pioneer and later as a friend and mentor to artists, cannot be understated. If people seem shellshocked this week, even knowing Prine was up against an illness that wreaks havoc on the bodies of seniors and people with compromised immune systems, it’s because the man seemed to be unsinkable. If there is any comfort right now, it’s in the fact that he’s been preparing us for this all along, singing songs about how quickly our time among the living can slip by if we’re not careful, how we ought to work, play, and love as long as these mortal forms allow.

April 9, 2020

This is such a great article about the whole Chicago Lakeview Neighborhood scene of the mid to late 80’s… as you read, it was the Metro, Tuts and then a little Medusa’s vector that led me personally to the ‘Punkin Donuts’ on Belmond & Clark in the early to mid 80’s… but also the Alley and Waxtrax Records… it was a great time to be of (close enough) age and in the city… we would have been ‘suburban tourists’ as this article describes a certain faction I suppose as that’s where we were journeying in from, albeit just outside the city limits. One way or another, this is a longer read… but a great retrospective on a much more authentic and unique period in Chicago history.

Punkin’ Donuts didn’t just attract folks from the Aetna park and Medusa’s. Many regulars spilled out of other nearby venues: Tuts, a small rock club at 959 W. Belmont, had hosted an up-and-coming Bruce Springsteen in its previous incarnation as the Quiet Knight, and in 1987 it was replaced by the Avalon. Queer cabaret-inspired “video bar” Berlin opened in 1983 across the street from Tuts at 954 W. Belmont. Less than a mile north, you could see punk shows in the early 80s at Cubby Bear and Metro, some of them booked by Duffy. Punkin’ Donuts pulled in characters from all those places, creating what Roman calls “a weird mix of family and fun.”

April 10, 2020

Neekolul (her TikTok handle) rose to fame through a single TikTok video. This article discusses the decision she made (at one level or another) and the ramifications in society.

Making Neekolul responsible for the way that she is looked at misses what makes Neekolul the object of so many people’s affection. She’s willing to act out the fantasy of a sweet, giggly, girly girl, and considering the attention that her “OK Boomer” video got, she has no reason to stop. If it’s upsetting to you that her onscreen personality is a put on, I’m really sorry this was how you had to find out. Sorry Boomer—we live in a world where women are, first and foremost, a sight.

April 11, 2020

Just like a few who refuse to ‘social distance’ will screw over the vast majority who are working hard to do just that… America itself will ultimately be screwed over by the dumbest amongst us, a sub-category that at least numbers in the tens of millions. #faithoverfear is just one more example of this statement in action… it’s more or less what happens when a group or individual so wants a certain outcome, that they throw common sense to the winds in order to pursue it. Read the following critically, does this really sound like a concept to hang your shingle on sheeple?

While the media typically just uses the euphemism “Christian” to describe such beliefs, these folks are Christian nationalists, who view the second coming of Christ as an event in which America will play a leading role, thanks to its founding as a “Christian” nation and its Judeo-Christian principles. They’re also known as Rapture Christians, thanks to their conviction that before things start to get really ugly on the earth, with God-sent wars and plagues far worse than COVID-19, they’ll be wafted up to heaven en masse, to live in eternal peace, bliss, and moral superiority while everyone else — including lesser Christians — suffers years’ worth of unspeakably gruesome torments prior to the final, earth-destroying battle between Warrior Jesus and Satan at Armageddon, and the Final Judgment in which Jews and others who refuse to convert are condemned to eternal torture in hell. (There are different timelines and versions, and end-time predictions are always evolving, but this one is currently most in vogue.) As Pompeo put it, in a Kansas church in 2015, the future looks like a “never-ending struggle … until the Rapture. Be part of it. Be in the fight.”

April 12, 2020

One of those behind-the-scenes guys that not many people have heard of, but the work product from that person has affected your life on numerous occasions, you just never knew it. Hal Willner, SNL music producer since 1980, died of Covid-19 way too soon at only 64. Very sad. That said, past and present cast members gave him a nice send-off… and they did so within the unprecedented constraints of Saturday’s inaugural ‘from Home’ format version of the show.

Last week, long-time Saturday Night Live music producer Hal Willner passed away at the age of 64, after experiencing symptoms consistent with the novel coronavirus. This weekend, SNL writers and cast members, current and former, harmonized remotely for a rendition of “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed. The late musician had befriended Willner while the latter worked under New York record producer Joel Dorn in the late ‘70s. After joining Saturday Night Live in 1980, Willner scored the show’s sketches until his death, in addition to organizing eclectic concerts and musical collaborations on both coasts.

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