3 More Signs the World is Circling the Bowl.

Town Crier IconSo many people in the world… some using their talents for good, some for evil… meanwhile the vast majority of us just end up unwilling participants much of the time… like the new subscribers to Time Warner Cable’s internet services in Beaumont, Texas. These folks are the guinea pigs for Time Warner’s latest experiments in metering internet usage.

The company claims that 5% of their users are responsible for using 50% of the available bandwidth. The idea is that charging these users more once they exceed a CAP (measured in gigabytes) is the fairest way to finance infrastructure updates… to me it feels like another baby step towards the end of Net Neutrality, designed to begin weening the consumer from the idea that they can pay a flat monthly rate in exchange for unhindered internet access.

Check this link to Yahoo! Finance for the whole story.

The Internet is such an extraordinary machine in terms of the spread of ideas and the viral nature with which oppositions can coalesce, but sometimes even the Net vets need to pause and consider whether they’re being duped or not…

For the longest time the notion of Net Neutrality was one such issue for me. The problem being, as it is with many of these believability conflicts… is with those whom exude that kooky paranoid bent that no matter how reasonable what they’re saying appears to sound… you just don’t know.

Although now that I’ve come across SaveTheInternet.com I’ve been given some more substantial food for thought… Their FAQ page does a great job of offering a primer to the uninitiated, educating on the issue and describing the nature of the threat.

I care about net neutrality because I’ve grown up with the Internet. I was the right age when the World Wide Web emerged to have taken the entire ride thus far. My livelihood and many of my interests are fueled or at least supported by the Internet… and I’d cry over having to abandon its dead carcass on the roadside if it ended up succumbing to the fate of yet another proprietary delivery system for the corporations feeding the consumer culture. I’m starting to think this is a real issue that its time to pay attention to…

You might also find checking Google’s take offers some credibility as well as the site for the Open Internet Coalition. If you have thoughts on the subject or sources of more information… please comment to this post. I’d love to turn this into a conversation

And finally, briefly… this story at Rolling Stone (it was in the last issue on the newsstand) paints an ominous picture of where the world seems to be heading on many fronts. A countries internal security is now a 200 billion dollar a year industry, bigger then Hollywood and music combined… new enemies must constantly be created to fuel the growth… and like I said at the top… some use their powers for good, but an increasing number seem to be focusing on evil.


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  1. Patricia Says:

    I am currently in Doha using a blackberry with AT€T service from the States. I am able to access the WGN site and click on the link listen now. I can see the little icon moving like someone is talking but can’t hear anything. Is it possible to listen to your show from a blackberry? If so, what settings should I change?
    Thank you,
    Confused world traveler

  2. vince Says:

    WGN finally killed the old RealPlayer stream, but they now offer an mp3 stream, in addition to the Flash stream. On the “Listen Now” web page, look for
    “If you are looking for a direct audio feed, try one of the following links:
    LISTEN NOW! – for Windows Media Player
    LISTEN NOW! – .mp3 feed for WinAmp, iTunes, etc.”

    These streams do not require a browser with Flash. I listened to Web Site Wednesday night with mplayer on my linux box last night, so I know it worked on June 18. Don’t know if a Blackberry will handle an mp3 stream, but any old laptop should have some program that will play mp3s from a URL.

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