A Brief Note On My Apple Evangelism.

Town Crier IconThrough the station or sent directly to me… I’ve been surprised by the amount of email that has come my way as a result of being on the show with Steve and Johnnie. Also surprising is the clearly defined line of demarcation… 99% of you are asking me questions arising from your use of Macs… the other 1% are taking some issue with my evangelism of Macintosh Computers… With most it’s just good-natured ribbing, which causes me no offense… but with others, it’s taken to a tone that none of us (on the Show) will ever care to converse with. That said…

I make no excuses or apologies for my love of Macintosh computers.

I also want to go on the record in clarifying that I have no official affiliation with Apple Computer. None whatsoever… In the spirit of disclosure; I occasionally buy things from the Apple Store… I’ll also ask questions or provide answers on the Apple Forums from time to time… I lust after an eventual Final Cut “Pro Certification” but I remain far from that goal… and just to lay all my chips on the table, I own an Apple t-shirt and my broken down motorcycle has an Apple logo sticker on it.

Beyond that I’m clean.

I always welcome email from those who listen to the radio show… and to the 99% of you… answering your questions has been fun and has made me more knowledgeable as well… it’s never a problem. Sometimes you might have to wait a bit for a reply, but as some of you know, sometimes I’ll answer right away… depends where you catch me.

But to the other 1% of you… who seemingly have nothing better to do then send email, with no redeeming value (also known as flaming), to someone they don’t know beyond their radio speaker…

Please do us all the honor of posting your prose to the “Comments” section here on the Show Site… submit your First and Last name while you’re at it… that way your thoughts won’t go uncredited and you can shed the shame of hiding in the anonymity of your gmail account. I’m all for different strokes for different folks, in fact it seems to be a running theme of the show… but if you find yourself afflicted with email tourette’s… do me a favor and lose my address.

I like to look at the show as information space on the subject of all things related to computers and technology. I would also prognosticate that in ten years time… the idea of Mac vs. PC won’t even exist anymore… I’m more a fan of the MacOS… and in 2008, the MacOS only runs on Macintosh computers…

So each and every time it’s appropriate, evangelism is unavoidable… as life’s too short for crappy computers.


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