Apple’s Transition To MobileMe.

Links to Info IconThis is a post for any of you that are either .MAC or MobileMe members since at least today (August 19th). Apparently the transition from the old .MAC to the new MobileMe wasn’t a smooth one for Apple. About 6 weeks ago they gave all active members 30 free days as restitution… now they’re handing out an additional 60 days as evidently the problems have persisted.

I just wanted to provide this link for any of you who may¬†have received the email from Apple announcing this retribution and want more info… or to those who may be¬†currently having problems with the service (I’ve somehow avoided any problems whatsoever… 90-days free with no pain… sho’nuff)…

For those of you who have a Mac (or a PC actually), haven’t yet tried MobileMe and are looking for the best deal on the planet at $99 per year… you’re able to start out with MobileMe on a 60-day free trial

  • I would particularly recommend this service to those with a computer (desktop or laptop) as well as an iPhone… both are kept in perfect sync with each other through the service (emails, contacts, calendars, etc.)…
  • Also recommended for those that are on the road a lot, the online interface is designed and functions with typical Apple elegance and is also continuously up-to-date with your other devices.
  • And finally, I recommend it to those that have gone out on their own (business-wise) and miss their old corporate Exchange/Blackberry account. To me it’s like having the corporate IT Department at your disposal without actually having to call a corporate IT Department and ask them for help (sorry to those I’ve offended).

The current growing pains Apple is experiencing notwithstanding… I’ve been a member since ’04 with .MAC and was always happy with the service… now with the synchronization excellence of the new MobileMe… it’s a downright steal at $99.


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