Who Wants To Hulu?

Town Crier IconWow, almost two months since I’ve posted anything… but I’ve been too busy for recreational writing and thus, short on topic ideas… but I just ran across an awesome article on Hulu.com… You might remember we talked about Hulu on the radio a couple months back. I played with the site for a while back then, but found too few TV shows and movies to keep me interested… however a couple months have passed (which is an eon in Internet time), so I decided to head back over and see how things were progressing… that ended up being a fortuitous decision as I found so much more content now that I have to admit… I’m hooked.

I’m sort of a perfect storm for this type of thing… I have a high-speed internet connection, dual-monitors on my machine, I make my living with/on a computer and I’m addicted to television/movies. Directly above my computer monitors I have an old 13″ Trinitron connected to a dual-channel TIVO box with a capacity for about 350 hours of non-HD programming… and I STILL fill it up! Which is where Hulu comes in… no need to keep it on my TIVO if I have access to it 24/7 over the internet, which is just what this is… your free-of-charge repository of online media.

On top of the ever-growing content that Hulu is getting online, the coolest new addition to this site has to be the power to “embed” their content, how cool is this…

…and I offer a massive tip-o-the-hat to Jeff Zucker and Peter Chernin, the heads of NBC Universal and FOX parent News Corporation respectively… here’s two heads of major media outlets that seem to finally be tuning in to how Web 2.0+ works… it’s all about being open… sharing… going viral… this is the best way in 2k8 to connect your content directly to its audience.

An interesting point made by Zucker in the article was that he didn’t quite know how all this would inevitably affect traditional distribution channels like dvd, pay-per-view, movie rentals, etc… but he knew that Hulu represented the chance to answer that question… he also has the still flailing music industry as a picture perfect model of what not to do… but I digress…

Another cool new feature of the site is being able to queue movies to watch later… this, along with a running history of the movies/shows/clips you’ve watched is available to registered users of the site… but as this is free… no problems right?

One caveat for those using dual-monitors… a current limit of the Flash Video Player that’s behind all this video delivery magic, is that you can’t use the Full Screen function to play a stream on one monitor while you work on the other. The workaround for the time being is to use the Pop Out option instead and then maximize it on one monitor… Almost the same effect anyway except you’re looking at the desktop beyond… also not that big of a deal right?

Anyway, I’m going to have more to write on this as I delve further into the content… but right now I have to watch the ending of the Fifth Element (for the 20th time)… free for the watching at Hulu.com.


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