Extracting Your Pictures From iPhoto.

On the Air IconThis question came from Nancy via email and was talked about on the air with Mike…

I have just installed iLife 8 and Photoshop Elements 6 and I do not know how to get my current iPhoto photos to open in Photoshop for editing.

There appears to be two ways to go here…

  • From within iPhoto you can choose EXPORT from the FILE menu. If you select specific photos first, those are the only files that will be exported… if you select nothing first, then every single file in your iPhoto library will be exported (so be careful). In the export dialog box it tells you how many photos will be exported in the lower-left.
  • Right-click or Control-click any photo in your iPhoto library and choose “show original” from the pop-up menu. A Finder window opens up revealing the originals… from that window you can copy those files to your desktop or any other folder in the Finder. If you’re going to go this route though, make sure you select then option-drag the files to the new folder (copying them), if you don’t, the files will be moved instead of copied and they will no longer be accessible from iPhoto (although their icons unfortunately remain).

I would also mention that skipping iPhoto altogether might be your best option if your intention is solely to edit in PS Elements. If you download your camera’s pictures directly to the Finder, they’re loose and accessible… you could always import them into iPhoto later if you wanted to use that program for organization.


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