If You’re Considering Windows 7, Consider This First…

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In that 82% of you that visit this site are doing so from a PC, it’s safe to assume that many reading this are also likely considering an upgrade to Windows 7, leaving you potentially ripe for the picking… and by that I mean in need of some sage advise — Being a non-stop Mac user since ’88, I rarely care much about what’s going on in Microsoft’s orbit… but hanging out with the radio crew on a weekly basis has left me with at least a peripheral interest in what’s happening for (and to) the PC crowd… when I look at the shear tediousness that my PC brethren must endure to upgrade… 64-bit? 32-bit? from XP? from Vista? Website Wednesday Night, which is virtually free of any Macintosh discussion (you would guess a lack of problems as I’m amiable enough), has shown me up close and ad nauseum the sorts of problems PC/Windows users have as compared to the Mac crowd… yet they continue to purchase PC’s and stick with Windows… the only thing loonier than that would be… well… there isn’t anything loonier than that… I’ve always viewed the phenomenon as I viewed the lemmings (I also had a functioning Betamax deck for 8 years though, so I’m stubborn about quality gear)…

So just to bone up… I’ve just returned from Mike’s savemybutt.com site where I visited the downloads section to refresh my memory on the plethora of hoops you PC users need to jump through just to keep your machines (semi) functioning; Malwarebyte Spyware/Adware remover, Avast Antivirus, McAfee Stinger, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Blaster, cCleaner, etcetera, etcetera… Sweet Jesus… it’s as if you owned a car where the oil and transmission fluid needed to be changed, radiator flushed, belts replaced, diagnostics run… all on a DAILY basis… Loony, loony, loony…

So let’s get back to the fact that your considering that upgrade to Windows 7. I’ll start by saying that if your PC hardware is relatively new… falling well above what Microsoft has put forth as the minimum system requirements to upgrade… then by all means, stick with your Windows… now is probably not the time to consider a switch… but if you’re driving a 5-year old Dell and still running Windows XP… why not consider a switch to Mac now when the gettins good… it’s true that a Mac will cost you a bit more… but you need some new hardware now anyway and how much is all that PC-related grief worth… you need to assign a monetary amount to the time and frustration your PC costs you over the months and years to keep it running smoothly.

Regarding a comparison of operating systems, Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X 10.6… Microsoft has always been burdened with two fatal flaws that should offer all the proof you need. These haven’t changed in 20+ years and I don’t suspect it will ever be any different;

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    Windows has, for the most part, done nothing but copy the Mac OS since the dawn of the GUI… you have your occasional innovation from Redmond, but most of the time what you get in a new Windows feature is a lack-luster imitation of a feature already present in OSX, just different enough to keep the trademark infringement litigation at bay. My partner Mike D. is fond of noting that both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were present at Xerox PARC that fateful day back in the mid-70’s when they were both turned on to the idea of a graphical user interface… but let’s be honest already… Wozniak and Jobs were the ones that figured out how to get it done with power and elegance… Microsoft has been reverse engineering and mimicking ever since. For that reason, “new” features introduced in any given incarnation of Windows… will be features that Mac users have been enjoying for about 3 years already…

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    The complex scenarios facing those with PC’s that are considering an upgrade to Windows 7 poses the question… why should it be this difficult to update my computer to the latest OS? The answer resides in controlling the complete computing experience, from hardware to software… this is what Apple has always done… and for that reason I can expect any Mac I buy to seamlessly upgrade to and efficiently run, three versions of OS X over its lifespan (effectively about 5 years). No prerequisites, no flow charts to consult with, not a fancy hoop to jump through in sight… Microsoft has about as much chance of emulating this aspect of Apple’s dominance as they do opening up a Microsoft Store on Saturn (which also happen to be blatant rip-offs of the Apple Store). The problem obviously is that they have no control whatsoever over the hardware that their operating system will be running on… that fact coupled with a withering economy that’s causing the Dell’s and HP’s of the world to strive towards building ever cheaper (and crappier) hardware… renders the extra ducats a Mac costs more than worth it from jumpstreet, as well as over the long haul…

So wouldn’t it make more sense to save a bit longer and get a computing experience that’s comparatively hassle-free, streamlined and leaves you with nothing to do other than whatever it is you want to be doing with your computer?

Mac 512

It forever causes me to wonder… but at the end of the day I give thanks to the divine life source that my first episode of computer love was with a Macintosh 512k and that I never had any inclination to look back… Steve Jobs has just been declared Fortune’s CEO of the Decade… that should tell you something no? Or how about this (it’s a blueprint for pete’s sake)… At very least, do yourself the great service of visiting an Apple Store and seeing what you’re missing… On top of all this, the next version of OS X (which will arrive in about 13 months from now like clockwork) promises to be simply fantastic… If you’re running XP on a 3+ year old PC… I’m talking to you… and I wouldn’t lead you astray…

The Cult of Mac awaits…


2 Responses to “If You’re Considering Windows 7, Consider This First…”

  1. Philip Meadows Says:

    Nicely written.

    One thing you have to mention is that if you decide to switch, you will need to purchase MAC versions of most of the software you have been running on your PC, that is, if it works on OSX at all. I know you can run Windows with bootcamp on a MAC, but what is the point of that if in fact Windows crashes as much as you say? As a long-time PC user, I know that the fact that Windows has been plagued with malware, viruses, etc. is because it HAS the largest market share! Why would a hacker bother writing code to control other computers if he’s only going to get a minority of them under his/her control?

    I actually wish I had invested in a MAC, as they are beautiful, but a long time ago there was not enough appropriate software available and every place I worked was 100% PC-centric. I actually purchased my first Apple product (with the aid of an AT&T subsidy and a 2-year $2400 contract), an iPhone. I love it to death with a few exceptions.

    As far as my PC’s go, I have owned many. They all have been relatively rock-solid (as I know how to keep them that way) even though I am on the bleeding edge of upgrades and software experiments. It basically comes down to the user. I prefer being able to customize the f*ck out of my gear than being locked into a closed system per se with MAC. Basically I am trying to say, take all information available and make a choice. No need to switch if you are happy!

  2. monkeycoder Says:

    Thanks Phil… I know Phil… so I should say right up front that this post wasn’t written for the type of user that he is. Phil’s a guy working in the upper spectrum where the maintenance of his rig is of paramount importance to him and is handled, as he describes, on a daily thorough basis.

    As mentioned, you would have to replace applications that you own with their Mac versions or equivalents… no way around this one.

    In terms of software applications available only for the PC… for that Parallels would probably be recommended over Boot Camp as that would allow you to run both operating systems concurrently… but that would be the reason to run Windows on a Mac… if you had applications such as AutoCAD or 3d Studio Max that only ran on the PC…

    As far as customizing gear goes… not exactly sure what sort of customization you’re referring to here… but I’m yet to feel encumbered by a lack of expandability on any of the Mac’s I’ve owned.

    Thanks for the comments Phil… I’m just looking to convert a few ;-)

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