Getting Rid of Changes Made in iPhoto.

Do It YourselfThis question on restoring the original version of a photo edited in iPhoto came in via email from Annie…

I got an iMac two weeks ago and I’m in the learning stages. I am using iPhoto and over-edited a picture and made it worse. I want to go back to the original picture and start over, but I cannot find the procedure.

If you are just starting out… iPhoto ’08 makes it impossible to do harm to your original photos as all the editing is ‘nondestructive’… in other words you can always revert back to the original no matter how much damage you’ve done.

From within iPhoto, simply click the PHOTOS menu and select REVERT TO ORIGINAL down at the bottom. This method will work even after you’ve closed and re-opened iPhoto.

A couple things to keep in mind though;

  • For photos imported to earlier versions of iPhoto and never edited, nondestructive editing WILL apply in iPhoto ’08.
  • However, for photos imported to earlier versions and edited either in iPhoto or in a separate application such as Photoshop, nondestructive editing DOES NOT apply. To use nondestructive editing on these photos, you must undo all the edits to date by doing one of the following:
    • Reverting to the original photo
    • Reimporting the originals from outside iPhoto
  • Nondestructive editing also does not apply to photos imported to iPhoto ’08 but edited in a separate application.

So happy editing. Move bravely forward with no fear in your heart.


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