Time Consuming Video Alternative.

Links to Info IconThis post is about a very interesting experiment perpetrated by Cesar Kuriyama, a New York animator and lighting director. Mr. Kuriyama created a music video for the Philadelphia band Fat City Reprise without using a video camera… instead, he took over 45,000 photographs with a Nikon D200 DSLR Camera and stitched them together using Apple’s Final Cut Studio.

The talent in the video was directed to move in as close to slow motion as possible while director of photography Tommy Agriodimas shot JPEG bursts with the Nikon. They were able to capture 60 images per burst and in real-time, it came out to about 4 shots per second. The images were adjusted on the Final Cut timeline to more closely approximate the 24 frames per second present in traditional film.

Now I’m not saying you’ll like the song the video is done to, nor am I saying you’ll even particularly like the video itself… but when you watch the following closely, it’s hard not to appreciate the creativity, attention to detail, experimentalism and the utter commitment to making it happen that would have killed lesser mortals (Kuriyama worked on this every night for 14 months after working hours).

Make sure the volume on your computer isn’t blasting and then click Play to check it out…


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