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  • (08.31) Wow, this looks familiar… I’m racking my brain… where have I seen this before?
  • (08.30) Although I don’t necessarily agree with the long view here… I think the 5 things to look for in Apple’s advertising moving forward are spot-on… if you see these things starting to happen, ‘sell your shares’ henceforth.
  • (08.29) Holy Crikey’s… look who’s on a road to nowhere… hard to believe, even for someone who has never bought one of their products.
  • (08.28) There’s more to every story isn’t there? I don’t know about you, but I never imagined it was Steve Jobs making each and every decision over at Apple… How would that ever work out? A great little blog piece from The Small Wave.
  • (08.27) I’ve heard the term “fan-boy” thrown around a lot in my time… I don’t count myself amongst them as I was purchasing Apple gear when they were at $4 a share… but this guy? Definitely a bold and creative response to some bad news, and most likely… a fan-boy.
  • (08.26) Many know the story of Steve Jobs loosely… he started Apple, was ousted from the company by a Board coup only to return 3 CEO’s later to orchestrate one of the greatest second acts in the history of business… this synopsis by Frank Rose of his book ‘West of Eden’ gives the gist… a book I’ve read, it’s an excellent telling of the timeline that is Apple Computer.
  • (08.25) Having hit the nail on the head so many times… sometimes predicting trends that would take several years to emerge… the quotable Steve Jobs
  • (08.24) Steve Jobs resigns, the day has come. But as John Gruber details, we’ve seen it coming for a long time now… At this moment I’m not worried for Apple whatsoever, Apple will be fine. In fact, Steve Jobs greatest accomplishment wasn’t any specific Apple product, but rather, Apple itself. No company that I’ve ever run into ‘gets it’ more than Apple… and the architecture Steve Jobs put into place will continue to function as it has over this last decade plus… What has me unsettled is the health of Steve Jobs the man, a shame that a life force such as his couldn’t just live to a ripe old age. A shame that the nature of his ailments have caused him to step down prematurely… hopefully this new scenario will allow him to better his health and stick around the scene for years to come.
  • (08.23) I would have cut off a finger to have been the recipient of this rejection letter… long live Gonzo.
  • (08.22) A superb look at the point where Art meets Google Street View from Pete Brook for Raw File… This article contains links to the also excellent Google Sightseeing and Google StreetFunny as well as a shout out to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Readymades’… how can you go wrong?
  • (08.21) Does Apple sue Gawker for purchasing a stolen pre-release iPhone 4? As this article points out, Steve Jobs has never been afraid of making unpopular decisions..
  • (08.20) Anonymous. Revolutionary hackers that have gone after targets ranging from Scientology to Bill O’Reilly leaving digital mayhem in their wake. Police and FBI attempt to track down the guilty but it’s a little like sticking your finger in a dike isn’t it… A scan of this article seems to indicate that maintaining different passwords across your online identity is a wise and prudent necessity moving forward… these guys seem to be be ramping up their activity.
  • (08.19) Not really tech or Apple related… but such good news I had to give it some space… say goodnight you creepy-ass mofo.
  • (08.18) For those of us who spend any amount of time on Wikipedia and other sites that employ footnotes. This is a great little extension from Ideon for Chrome and Safari users that will now display those footnotes inline without the need to jump away from the location on the page where the footnote occurs. I’m using it, recommended. And for the developers out there, here’s the original blog post on it as well as the source code that you can implement.
  • (08.17) Here’s an interesting list of quotes posted by Google themselves documenting what their Android Partners are saying about Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. A quick read suggests they were all written by the same (drunk) Google employee. What’s ironic is the fact that having this many partners is exactly why the Droid OS will remain a steamy pile of duty in relation to iOS. Say what you want about Apple’s closed system… but make sure to include the fact that it’s awesome, secure and it works.
  • (08.16) Apple releases the all-important 10.7.1 update to recently released OS X Lion.
  • (08.15) Still wondering how Google might benefit from its 12.5 billion dollar acquisition of Motorola mobility. The move seems purely made for the patents acquired and the perceived insulation they provide against Apple and Microsoft in the coming ‘mobile wars’… but why buy the cow when you can just buy the milk… the thought is Motorola had Google by the balls in that Microsoft was a suitor for those Motorola patents as well… time will tell, let’s keep our eyes on this one.
  • (08.14) How big is the new “Spaceship Headquarters’ Apple is looking to build in Cupertino? Just slightly bigger than the Pentagon it turns out… check this super-cool post from John Martellaro.
  • (08.13) You’ve heard the stories in the last few years of how social media helped to fuel this or that rapid organization/deployment of people towards a cause. Mubarak in Egypt, recent protestor organizations in Vancouver and San Francisco, etc… with the riots in England last week however, we start to see the next (il)logical chapter in the evolution of social media which goes to say, the guy who controls the cell towers, controls the social media. Que sera, we fought the law and the law won.
  • (08.12) As an architect, I’d give my right arm to be able to work on this one… Looks like you’ll be able to see Apple’s new headquarters from space… a really cool post for any of you architectural geeks.
  • (08.11) I’ve always maintained that John Dvorak is about 90% tool… I just ran across this beautiful piece of prognostication that John spewed into the world back in March of ’07… he continues to make a living while rarely knowing what he’s talking about.
  • (08.10) Remember that guy from Gizmodo that got ahold of a pre-release iPhone 4 and leaked the details? Well, he ends up getting off while the two guys that sold him the phone face charges. Evidently, something you found becomes something you stole the moment you decide to sell it.
  • (08.09) Remember when Quark Express was the king of the hill… Back in the day (1997) I had an employer that shelled out a grand for the software just to find out Quark wanted to squeeze us for another $500 for technical support… made me hate ’em… then came inDesign which I switched to day one… one way or another, Quark has just been sold to a private equity firm which basically delivers it to deaths doorway… karma’s a bitch guys, should have treated your customers better when you were on top, they would have been more likely to stick with you through the tough times… c’est la vie Quark, nice knowin’ ya…
  • (08.08) Things are going good when you get bigger than oil… even if it’s just temporary.
  • (08.07) For as goofy as he can sometimes get… Mark Cuban can nail it right on the head once and a while. In response to Googles ongoing software patent cacophony.
  • (08.06) A funny but true opinion on the use of the word ‘sexy’ as it pertains to electronic devices… it has become a crutch hasn’t it? Now excuse me while I go finish up the romantic dinner I’m preparing for my MacBook Pro.


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