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Daily Links for March

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

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  • (03.31) If you’re as big a fan of interactive timelines as I am, you’re gonna love this one…. the colorful history of Lollapalooza on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
  • (03.24) 90WPM reviews Garageband for the iPad. Man, when is that iPad gonna show up? Wallowing in back-order hell…
  • (03.23) Bertrand Serlet from WWDC 2006 with his hilarious take on Windows Vista.
  • (03.22) Bertrand Serlet, the father of the Macintosh OSX and iOS operating systems is leaving Apple. Details in the Gadget Lab.
  • (03.21) Andy Ihnatko reviews iPad 2.
  • (03.19) Did Apple make a mistake with the concept of “free” apps? Manton Reece thinks so… read his argument and decide for yourself.
  • (03.18) Just got that new iPad? Looking for some ideas on the App front? Here’s an interesting collection of suggestions from RedEye.
  • (03.17) Chris Espinosa started working for Apple in 1976 when he was still 14. He reported to work in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage. For those of us that were fans of Hypercard or AppleScript, or simply if you were an Apple fan before everything “i” got going, here’s the story (written by Chris) of how he officially ended up Apple employee #8.
  • (03.14) The free ride for some AT&T DSL customers will be coming to an end May 2nd as the company institutes a 150 gig monthly data limit.
  • (03.12) Engadget’s top editors Topolsky and Patel exit from AOL’s giant tech site. A comprehensive review by All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher.
  • (03.07) Now that a few months of data is in… how is the Verizon network holding up against AT&T’s? Click here for the run down.
  • (03.06) Apple is Fortune’s pick for the worlds most admired company for the 4th year straight.
  • (03.05) The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a company work so hard to get people to STOP using their product.
  • (03.05) 1 million workers. 90 million iPhones. 17 suicides. Who’s to blame? An in-depth look from Wired Magazine.
  • (03.04) If this isn’t the coolest product page on the web, show me the one that is… Apple’s new iPad Smart Cover, so simple, the height of design. I can’t wait to hold my very own.
  • (03.03) A short clip on the iPad’s first year that was shown at the March 2nd Apple event… So well done.

Daily Links for February.

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Up until now its been tough to keep this site updated on a regular basis as things here are set up around the idea of long form, illustrated posts… and those will remain as time allows to create them… but it seemed a shame as I’m galavanting around the Mac universe every day coming across good information definitely worth sharing that I haven’t up until now.

So to fix things, I’ve come up with the vehicle of Fresh Daily Links which you’ll always finds under this same banner each month. This provides a quick, simple way for me to share and what you’ll be left with here is a nice daily aggregate of what’s new and noteworthy in the Mac community. So stop by every day why dont’cha?

monthly links

  • (02.28) Would there be iPhones, iPads and iPods today if Sun Microsystems had been able to close a deal to buy Apple Computer back in the mid-90’s? Probably not says former Sun CEO Scott McNealy.
  • (02.25) It appears Apple’s purchase of Lala in 2009 wasn’t for the purpose of bringing their own streaming service online… but rather as an “insurance policy” against companies such as Google who have long planned to bring a music streaming service online. For now, Apple doesn’t want to undercut their already dominant position in the digital downloads business.
  • (02.24) A concise explanation of the complex situation application developers and content publishers find themselves in relation to Apple’s new App Store subscription policy.
  • (02.23) “Don’t Be Evil”… yeah right… Google seeks the motherlode under the guise of a harmless art contest for children.
  • (02.22) So Motorola is launching a product that can’t even view its own website… and people wonder why Apple banished Flash from iOS. And here’s what it looks like when a Motorola Xoom navigates to… hee hee.
  • (02.22) Regarding the iPad 2… it’s looking like Apple will announce that March 2nd.
  • (02.19) Some solid intel indicating new MacBook Pros could be hitting the streets as early as Thursday, February 24th.
  • (02.19) In the “You Never Caught George Bush Doin’ That…” department, Barack Obama gathered the heads of tech companies as part of an ongoing dialogue with the business community on how all can work together to strengthen the economy, support entrepreneurship, increase exports and get Americans back to work”. Check out the pictures, interesting to find Jobs to the presidents left and Zuckerberg to his right. The complete guest list can be found under the pictures.