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Signing Off.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

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Close to 70 posts, close to 4 years… 100-200 page views a week… this little show site has served well over the last few years. Looking at the design of it always makes me nostalgic as it reminds me how little I knew about WordPress back then… but alas, tonight will mark the last Website Wednesday Night on WGN and thus, this site no longer has a master to serve, at least here in the near term… so for the time being, it’s going on hiatus. It will remain online for nostalgic and informational purposes with the hope that the occasion might arise in the not too distant future to dust away the cobwebs and crank it back up again.

That said, I very much appreciate and value all the online friendships and connections I’ve made along the way as a result of being a part of Life After Dark and have nothing but gratitude to Steve and Johnnie for enabling that. I’d love very much to continue those friendships so I’d like to invite every last one of you over to my primary weblog where I’ll continue to post pretty regularly.

You can find theScroll here >

In fact, I’ve just posted a nice reminiscence of my time with Steve & Johnnie along with how I came to be on the show in the first place… I’d love very much for anyone to comment on that post with their own stories on how they came to be part of the Life After Dark experience. You can find that post here.

And if you’d like to tap into a more real-time feed of stuff that may be going down… don’t hesitate to LIKE my Optiflux Facebook page… I brought it online today specifically for this purpose.

Again, thanks so much for your readership and support over these past 4 years… its been great fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Happy trails.

Remembering Steve Jobs

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Wired’s Gadget Lab goes around the office to get the Apple/Steve Jobs stories… sort of fun if you’re a regular reader of Wired…

Poking Fun At Netflix

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Editor Scorned.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Apple Culture

I’d like to start by putting my association with Final Cut Pro in context. I believe that’s an important thing to do in front of committing words to the topic in a public forum… for instance, Josh Mellicker was apparently present at the genesis to impregnate the FCP egg, you should definitely take his opinion most seriously… but for me, I make about 5% of my yearly wage using Final Cut, all the projects I currently have lined up for it are solely of the home movie variety… what I think this means though is that I’m the ideal practitioner of this new software in its current state. I come to the table with just a modicum of baggage.

Final Cut Pro X Logo

Unfortunately for Apple (although they most likely knew what they were getting into and have good reasons for doing what they did), they’ve seriously pissed off a small (3-5%) but extremely vocal portion of the FCP user base… the professional editors… this tweet says it all I suppose… and as things stand right now, I promise you that if I were one of those people, making my living using Final Cut Studio each and every day within a complex workflow utilizing the talents of dozens of different professionals… I’d be pissed too…

Editor Frustration

But I’m not a pro editor… I’d most likely be best described as a prosumer, an aficionado of learning cool new software… but I don’t have an everyday need for XML or EDL exports, I have no particular urgency to garner multi-cam functionality, I also don’t care that much that FCPX won’t import legacy FCP projects. Even though I have probably a dozen projects authored with FCP7 over the last few years, I’m content to just open them up in the old software if I need to edit them… and the reason for this is because I view FCPX for what it is… a tremendous (64-bit) foundation for what will become the gold standard in video post over the next 3 years or so, mark my words. Small solace to those that make their living with this program on a daily basis but Apple has been all about workmanlike iteration over the last decade. This article by John Gruber for MacWorld perfectly describes what I mean by this. I’m willing to get on board now and see where this leads… Expect version 10.1 within the next 4-6 weeks, that’s how Apple does it… many of the most important omissions will be addressed. But I still can’t figure out for the life of me why Apple wouldn’t continue to sell and support Final Cut Studio 3… at least until the new FCPX achieves some level of feature parity to what the pros are used to today. Seems like a decision dripping in nothing but downside. But that aside…

Don’t believe everything that you read, this is some very cool software, especially at the $300 price point. I’ve only had time to get midway through Chapter 5 in the FCPX manual here over the past week but I’ve already encountered more cool features than I have time to describe here. Omissions? Yes… but that’s the price of tearing something down and starting all over from scratch. I have faith in Apple to make things right, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Most Interesting Commentary from the Blogosphere

Always a great source for Apple commentary is David Pogue writing currently for the New York Times… here’s his initial review of FCPX from 06/22… here he debunks several myths and offers several workarounds… and his latest post from 06/24 sums things up as he tries to get all the pro editors off his back.

More proof in the pudding, Serenity Caldwell takes a look back to ’08 when Apple did this same sort of thing to iMovie… she makes a comparison and speaks to how this may inform the ongoing development of Final Cut Pro X while surmising that it might not be such a bad thing…

Jeffery Harrell is just unconsolably pissed off… and he makes a lot of valid points.

Walter Biscardi’s long-winded kiss off of Final Cut Pro X… we’ll see you later Walter, so you say your going back to Premiere of all the nutty ideas.

And Larry Jordan, being a guy who makes his living teaching Final Cut, he must really feel like he’s between a rock and a hard place… but before you criticize Apple too harshly Larry, you might want to update the design of your blog, it appears it hasn’t been given a fresh coat of paint since the Clinton Administration.

And as it’s always good to leave them laughing, enjoy this from Conan last Thursday night…

Daily Links for February.

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Up until now its been tough to keep this site updated on a regular basis as things here are set up around the idea of long form, illustrated posts… and those will remain as time allows to create them… but it seemed a shame as I’m galavanting around the Mac universe every day coming across good information definitely worth sharing that I haven’t up until now.

So to fix things, I’ve come up with the vehicle of Fresh Daily Links which you’ll always finds under this same banner each month. This provides a quick, simple way for me to share and what you’ll be left with here is a nice daily aggregate of what’s new and noteworthy in the Mac community. So stop by every day why dont’cha?

monthly links

  • (02.28) Would there be iPhones, iPads and iPods today if Sun Microsystems had been able to close a deal to buy Apple Computer back in the mid-90’s? Probably not says former Sun CEO Scott McNealy.
  • (02.25) It appears Apple’s purchase of Lala in 2009 wasn’t for the purpose of bringing their own streaming service online… but rather as an “insurance policy” against companies such as Google who have long planned to bring a music streaming service online. For now, Apple doesn’t want to undercut their already dominant position in the digital downloads business.
  • (02.24) A concise explanation of the complex situation application developers and content publishers find themselves in relation to Apple’s new App Store subscription policy.
  • (02.23) “Don’t Be Evil”… yeah right… Google seeks the motherlode under the guise of a harmless art contest for children.
  • (02.22) So Motorola is launching a product that can’t even view its own website… and people wonder why Apple banished Flash from iOS. And here’s what it looks like when a Motorola Xoom navigates to… hee hee.
  • (02.22) Regarding the iPad 2… it’s looking like Apple will announce that March 2nd.
  • (02.19) Some solid intel indicating new MacBook Pros could be hitting the streets as early as Thursday, February 24th.
  • (02.19) In the “You Never Caught George Bush Doin’ That…” department, Barack Obama gathered the heads of tech companies as part of an ongoing dialogue with the business community on how all can work together to strengthen the economy, support entrepreneurship, increase exports and get Americans back to work”. Check out the pictures, interesting to find Jobs to the presidents left and Zuckerberg to his right. The complete guest list can be found under the pictures.

Some Stuff To Throw on the Pile

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

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If you happened to watch The Simpsons this past Sunday, you probably noticed the opening sequence of the show was much darker than usual…. this was courtesy of UK street artist Banksy, a guy whose work I’ve been following for years… so this made me really happy, although the subject matter was anything but uplifting. Check it out for yourself…

And then comes this explanation in the New York Times from Executive Producer Al Jean yesterday.

A Logo by Any Other Name

Gap logos, classic and new

More humor was brought to us this week courtesy of apparel retailer’s The Gap. The company debuted their new logo on their website only to get hit with a sh%$storm of negative feedback on both Facebook and Twitter… and deservingly so as the new logo is as close to complete garbage as a logo can be. Not sure who was responsible for it, but it appears to be nothing more than an eleventh hour mash-up of Helvetica Bold and a stupid gradiated blue box… I suppose the makers felt that overlapping the box with the “p” brought cohesion… hopefully for their sake the checks from The Gap already cleared… One hysterical take on the whole mess is brought to us by Mike Monteiro of Mule Design with his open letter, “Dear Gap, I have your new logo“. Needless to say The Gap quickly reverted back to their “classic” logo deciding to live to fight another day.