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Transferring Photos from Your iPhone to Your Mac.

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Do It YourselfFor those of you who have been running around taking pictures with an iPhone, accumulating them within your phone since the day you bought it… have mumbled to yourself on a few occasions that you had to figure out how to get them out of the phone and onto your desktop so you could do something with them… This is a quick post for you.

This method is intended for those with an iPhone, currently docked to a Macintosh, where the iPhone has pictures on it that you want to move from the phone to your computer.

Simply locate “Image Capture” within your Applications folder and double-click it. You’ll see this beautiful dialog box…

Image Capture Dialog Box

From there things should be self-explanatory… Download Some… Download All… Clicking Options… will take you to numerous other things you can do like having the application delete all the pictures from the iPhone once they’ve been downloaded.

The one thing I’ll advise is to make sure and set the Download To: setting to a location you’re aware of… if left to the default the photos will be sent to the “Photos” folder which I wonder how many people actually use.

For those interested in a more in-depth discussion including more screenshots… please check out the article by Dave Taylor that this post was based on.


Live From MacWorld.

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

On the Air Icon

Today I walked the floor at MacWorld… and walked and walked… my dogs are barking sho’nuff… For the uninitiated, MacWorld occurs early every January at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Two huge halls filled with nothing but companies making Mac-related products of one sort or another… Everything from controlling your toaster with your iPhone… to 60 terabyte RAID arrays for when that home movie project goes awry.

MacWorld Logo

If you read newspapers or watch television you’re no doubt aware that Apple has been the anchor tenant at MacWorld since its inception. They have also recently announced that this will be their last year in attendance citing the success of their growing web of Apple Stores serving the purpose of a hundred MacWorld’s (in the words of Apple VP Philip Schiller).

To add to the dismay of the faithful, Steve Jobs did not deliver his annual keynote this year… the customary spotlight every January where he announces Apple’s game-changing product debuting in the coming months… the original iMac, the iPod, the iTunes Store and the iPhone were all debuted by Steve Jobs at MacWorld in years past… So whether it was his health, no “bombshell” product to announce, the long drive up to San Francisco from Cupertino… whatever it was that kept him away… those who attended last year and saw Jobs keynote where he announced the MacBook Air… they saw the end of an era. Sort of went out on a whimper… but if you’re a long time Mac person, Jobs at MacWorld always came with a little anticipation before the fact… like the eccentric, hip Uncle who stops by once a year and gives you something cool that you’ve never seen before.

Steve Jobs giving MacWorld keynote

But that’s that with that. All over now… on to an Appleless MacWorld future. My best guess is that IDG, the company that owns and runs MacWorld, simply irritated Steve Jobs. In such a way as to be fatal within the world view that Steve holds. He simply told IDG and their silly conference to beat it. Don’t be surprised if as his last act as commander-in-chief of Apple Computer… Steve Jobs (with consulting by Steve Wozniak of US Festival fame) conceptualizes and builds AppleWorld, doing for the annual Mac Summit what toasters did for bread. Take that IDG. I’ll go on the record predicting one maybe two more MacWorlds tops before it’s no longer profitable and dies. First we lost Adobe (a big deal to many of us) and now Apple has bowed out… That would be the whole shooting match as they say.

Apple at MacWorld

Anyhow… Apple’s presence at this, their final MacWorld, was fine… Massive exhibit right inside the North Hall doors with a row of a hundred iMacs creating the outer border around the AppleSphere… stocked with all the Apple software and manned by about fifty, always knowledgeable people wearing Apple shirts… sort of like the Disney World of Apple Store’s. I spent a good half hour talking about USB powered external audio interfaces with the first Apple rep that spoke to me… and he definitely knew his stuff… left me wishing I had about 3 grand burning a hole in my pocket. Que sera.

One thing I’ve got to say is a good 25% of the exhibitors were selling nothing more than cases. Cases for the iPods, the iPhones, the iBooks… Definitely some case overkill going on… How many cases do we need? A lot apparently… But I digress.

Some of my highlights…

iMac stand by Rain

A company called Rain that I had never heard of before is making some of the coolest iMac stands you can imagine. I’m not an iMac kind of guy but I caught myself standing there seriously contemplating what I might be able to use one for just so I could own this stand… check it out.

Ambrosia Software, a long-time supplier of cool, cost-effective tools for my own projects… are out with an updated version of WireTap Studio. For any of you who’d like to record audio that’s coming out of your Mac… like internet radio, or DRM protected songs from iTunes (you didn’t hear that here)… this is your tool. It’s also great for podcasting and a lot of other audio activities… check it out here.

TurboMouse Exhibit

The TurboMouse museum at the Kensington exhibit was slicker than grease. I’ve owned every TurboMouse since the very first one came out and they had every last one of them in a single museum like display. A very nostalgic moment for me… so thanks Kensington… and for anyone with any interest in trackballs… check out there new SlimBlade which they were debuting at MacWorld… having tried it though, it’s not beefy enough for my tastes… I’m sticking with my ExpertMouse… cheaper, completely programmable and BEEFIER!

And on a cynical note… having a long time hate/hate relationship with Quark Express… it was my great pleasure to see that their booth has shrunk to the point where it’s on the verge of falling off the face of the earth. Which goes to show you… treat your customers as though they’re vermin that are privileged to be using your software… customers that you try to nickel and dime with Gold and Platinum “support packages” when all they want is a simple answer to a question on the $1000 software they just bought from you… eventually all those customers will leave you like rats from a sinking ship for the new cool kid on the block (Can I get an InDesign? Thanks for the help Adobe).

All for now. Maybe another post tomorrow, maybe not… I’m sort of Mac’d out if you know what I mean.