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Some Stuff To Throw on the Pile

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Town Crier Icon

If you happened to watch The Simpsons this past Sunday, you probably noticed the opening sequence of the show was much darker than usual…. this was courtesy of UK street artist Banksy, a guy whose work I’ve been following for years… so this made me really happy, although the subject matter was anything but uplifting. Check it out for yourself…

And then comes this explanation in the New York Times from Executive Producer Al Jean yesterday.

A Logo by Any Other Name

Gap logos, classic and new

More humor was brought to us this week courtesy of apparel retailer’s The Gap. The company debuted their new logo on their website only to get hit with a sh%$storm of negative feedback on both Facebook and Twitter… and deservingly so as the new logo is as close to complete garbage as a logo can be. Not sure who was responsible for it, but it appears to be nothing more than an eleventh hour mash-up of Helvetica Bold and a stupid gradiated blue box… I suppose the makers felt that overlapping the box with the “p” brought cohesion… hopefully for their sake the checks from The Gap already cleared… One hysterical take on the whole mess is brought to us by Mike Monteiro of Mule Design with his open letter, “Dear Gap, I have your new logo“. Needless to say The Gap quickly reverted back to their “classic” logo deciding to live to fight another day.

Facebook Fun on SNL

Sunday, October 10th, 2010