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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

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  • (04.28) How the iPhone knows where you are… an in-depth look into how it’s done.
  • (04.26) If cash is King, Apple is an Emperor. If Apple didn’t make another dime moving forward, they’d still have enough cash on hand to continue SG&A and R&D for the next 7 years.
  • (04.21) Careful what you’re sending to the cloud… the problem with FREE is that you always get what you pay for, there’s a reason behind almost all cliches. Inevitably, our data stored in the ever-growing plethora of free server spaces will be breached… it’s just a matter of time. Tread carefully.
  • (04.20) As we spoke about on the show this evening… your iPad’s and iPhone’s are storing your location data unencrypted on the computer’s you use to sync those devices. Download the open-source iPhone Tracker software here. Running it from the machine you sync with will display all the places you’ve been on the map. Pretty creepy. If you’d like to encrypt this information, simply select your iPhone or iPad under “Devices” in iTunes and check “encrypt iPhone backup” down in the Options box… I always feel like, somebody’s watching me…
  • (04.19) More growing pains on the App Store… As Apple realizes that they are most likely falsely impacting popularity algorithms, the company moves to clamp down on incentivized app downloads
  • (04.16) I literally stumbled across a link to this article the other day that’s an awesome read, especially if you’re a Chicagoland Netflix subscriber…. how does Netflix get you those DVD’s so fast? Here’s how its done
  • (04.14) David Pogue peers into the real reasons behind the shuttering of FLIP Video.
  • (04.13) At long last, rumbles from the jungle on the Final Cut Pro front… going on 2 years since the last stable release (7.0.3), Apple announced yesterday that Final Cut Pro X will most likely ship in June which is very happy news for all of us that are addicted to this software. Even better news is that long time issues have been addressed… the program is now 64-bit native which gives it access to all the cores your machine may be blessed with and the interface has been completely redesigned (i.e. Logic, Aperture) and after all this time, the rumor is the program will now be able to access as much RAM as your computer has as opposed to the current 4gig limit. Larry Jordan offers as much of a pre-release review as possible under the weight of an Apple NDA.
  • (04.12) Bad news from AT&T for the bandwidth hogging Netflix junkies… Starting May 2nd, DSL customers will be limited to 150 GB per month. AT&T claims this will only affect 2% of its customers while claiming the average user is at about 18 GB a month. A little more detail from the Huffington Post.
  • (04.01) iMac’s for every last bit of data input, Final Cut Pro for the editing together of highlight reels, h.264 the video encoding format of choice… Apple products are at the heart of the incredibly complex process behind and MLBTV… have a look inside Major League Baseballs NYC mission control central…