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Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

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  • (07.28) Spatial Impossibilities from ‘The Shining’. And you thought that no one was paying attention… watch Part 2 here… and with that, I’m off on vacation. See you on the 6th.
  • (07.27) Crumple Pop is a company that makes effect plug-ins for Final Cut. Having used the new X version for about a month now… I’d say they’re barking up the right tree with their essay ‘Why we’re betting everything on FCP X‘. The main folks affected by the major paradigm shift of the new version remain pro editors… specifically those having to deal with very specific sometimes very complex situations… the rest of us? Well this is working just fine… Seriously.
  • (07.26) Sick like I am of sites that break their articles into multiple chunks spanning 2 or more pages? Here’s a new plug-in for Safari and Chrome that makes it a thing of the past. Run don’t walk…
  • (07.25) You up for a little reading? This bunch of characters from Microsoft Research have written an extensive, footnoted white paper on the premise that the servers required for ‘cloud computing’ be used in residential and office spaces to provide heat for those dwellings during the winter months… but wouldn’t those savings be nullified by how much I’d be spending on air conditioning in the Summer to keep from burning up?
  • (07.24) This is what happens when a “journalist” on a deadline runs up against it and nothing… nothing at all comes…
  • (07.23) Some hidden features in Mac OS X Lion from Tidbits.
  • (07.22) Long story short, the rag that is the Wall Street Journal took a shot at Apple by publishing a seedy opinion on the succession of Steve Jobs a half hour before Apple released their quarterly financial report, presumably to dampen the report… John Gruber offers up this masterful response… When Steve Jobs ends up leaving Apple for whatever reason, Apple will stay exactly as it is today… just without Steve Jobs.
  • (07.21) Let’s make it official, Google shutters Google Labs. Some running projects have been terminated while others will be incorporated into Google+ according to the company.
  • (07.20) Holy King of the Jungle… need the low-down on Lion? The article I look most forward to every time we’ve seen a new version of OS X would be John Siracusa’s review for Ars Technica…
  • (07.19) Looks like Mac OS X Lion is just about here… Apple Insider is reporting a Wednesday morning launch. In preparation, here’s a site that’s tracking application compatibility when moving to Lion… Here’s a decent article on preparing your Mac for the transition… and here’s an incredibly in depth look at getting a ‘clean start’ by employing manual Mac migration in your switch to Lion… All this said though… be smart like me and don’t update until 10.7.1 ships… if you choose to ignore this advise, don’t come crying to me.
  • (07.19) Sitting here right now enjoying the brute power of my 12-core Mac Pro… I found this in-depth review of the machine very illuminating (although close to 9 month old now, which is about 27 computer years).
  • (07.18) For those of you neck-deep in love with iOS… here’s a little something to wet your whistle as we begin to look forward to the Fall release of iOS 5.
  • (07.18) Just getting my WIRED subscription activated digitally on my iPad the other day… it struck me as odd how large the per issue download sizes are at approximately 250mb… that alone taps out most of the bandwidth limit for many peoples 3G packages… operating solely on wi-fi though I suppose it’s worth it for that top-notch Conde Naste design right… here’s a great article I found regarding reading on the iPad, give it a look…
  • (07.17) I for one put more trust in a President with good taste in technology… Looks like an iPad on the table next to him, a MacBook Pro under the First Lady’s feet and a FLIP Ultra in front of the snacks…
  • (07.16) Wow! That’s a cheap iPad 2… someone over at is looking for a new job this week… UPDATED: Sears apologizes for mistake but cancels all orders placed at the discounted rate nonetheless… boo!
  • (07.15) That PDF vulnerability that we talked about on the show a couple weeks ago… Apple provides the fix with the iOS 4.3.4 update.
  • (07.14) Apple’s contentious Final Cut Pro X release has created uneasy feelings among Mac professional content creators. Should they be concerned about their investment in the Mac platform as Apple goes mainstream? Dave Girard argues that it’s too early to hit the panic button.
  • (07.13) In this amazing long-form blog piece from Charlie Park… Edward Tufte’s “Slopegraph” is examined and analyzed with the greatest of care. Tufte, a long time influence on me personally… proof-read this essay himself… make sure you have at least a half hour to kill.
  • (07.12) Netflix begins the process of seeing how much they can get away with… I would say this one will depend on how many DVD’s you usually rent in a months time.
  • (07.11) Remember when we started hearing objections to the sorts of data Google street view trucks were collecting? Well that situations getting hairier by the day, currently approaching class action status…
  • (07.10) When all else fails… tilt the playing field.
  • (07.09) He has written about Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Einstein… Walter Issacson’s ‘official’ biography of Steve Jobs due out next March officially gets a new name.
  • (07.08) Not only will they “gate rape” you… they’ll also steal your iPad… really makes you want to fly somewhere… some would say that the terrorists have won.
  • (07.07) You could swing a dead cat and hit a WordPress update these days… but I just updated one of my installs with the newly minted version 3.2 and was pleasantly surprised… It’s worth it just for the GUI update, I love the new typefaces, much cleaner… have a look
  • (07.06) As of today, a race against time. A hacker exposes a security hole in the latest version of iOS (4.3.3) that could be exploited towards malicious ends. Will that happen? Or will Apple beat them with a fix? Standing by…
  • (07.05) Apple’s Final Cut Pro X FAQ’s eased some fears here and there… but mostly confirmed the bad news for pro’s on the high-end. Reporting from Ars Technica.
  • (07.04) For users of Apple “Pro” apps… thoughts of what Pro means these days within the Apple lexicon have crossed most of our minds… a brief suggestion on the Observatory.
  • (07.03) In all the uproar over Final Cut last week, overlooked has been the new Apple DataCenter in North Carolina as the company prepares to bring iCloud online this Fall. So to catch things up a bit, first let’s take a look at the straight facts from Data Center Knowledge… Next, let’s have a look at the conspiracy theory from tech crackpot Cringely… and then back to the DCK for a check on Cringely’s math
  • (07.02) Let’s assume that Apple is not a bunch of dummies and that there’s actually a plan in place here… some thoughts on the creation of Final Cut Pro X from Lonelysandwich.
  • (07.01) Aptly named from the mothership, “Answers to your Final Cut Pro X questions“.