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Thursday, September 1st, 2011

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  • (09.30) So September is gonna go out with a bang… With Amazon’s announcement of the Kindle Fire yesterday, it would appear that things are a changin’ over the mobile/tablet/smartphone landscape… this article by Michael Mace seems to make a lot of sense at this point in the game… and John Gruber, as always, knows what he’s talking about.
  • (09.29)I bought this game for my grandson, he loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! This game has no directions… we can’t figure out how to play, or even how to restart the game. There aren’t any turtles in the game. A total waste of $5.” Reading user reviews is perhaps one of my favorite past times.
  • (09.28) How a web design goes straight to hell… I’d laugh hard if this didn’t hit so close to home.
  • (09.27) The official Facebook app for the iPad has been complete since May but has yet to hit the streets… the developer has quit and taken a job over at Google. Find out the potential reasons why right here.
  • (09.26) A great article on what’s really behind all the changes at Netflix. It’s not really looking like there fault as it turns out… it’s all about the content dont’cha know… some profane commentary from the Angry Drunk…
  • (09.25) Glad I signed up for that Spotify account before this happened… wondering how long it will be before they fix something that’s not broken enough times to jump the shark like so many great ideas before them?
  • (09.24) If you’re as big a fan of technological mockery as I am… this week’s Macalope is not to be missed. Fun at the expense of Microsoft, eWeek and Hewlett-Packard… do you really think the HP Board of Directors may be drunk when picking out their CEO’s?
  • (09.23) Par for the course… as they continue to deny Apple’s accusations of copyright infringement… check out this new Samsung store that just opened in Italy’s Centro Sicilia… somebody’s heads gonna roll.
  • (09.22) High Design. A review of Apple’s new Thunderbolt Display.
  • (09.21) On the 19th I posted a link to the statement from the Neflix CEO Reed Hastings regarding changes that were going down at the company. The aspect that wasn’t sitting right with me was the ham-fisted renaming of the DVD-only side to Qwikster. Here’s a tight piece of editing from Matt Drance that makes you wonder if Netflix even has a proofreader on staff.
  • (09.20) Here’s what happened, in cartoon form.
  • (09.19) Mea Culpa… although it appears that what prompted this apology is the imminent loss of an estimated 2 million subscribers… Gets you wondering what the net effect will end up being on the Netflix price increase… Seems they could end up losing as much revenue in lost subscribers as they’ll gain with the price increase… obviously they’re looking long-term at this point. Also announced is that the DVD-only side of the business will now be re-branded under the “Qwikster” name. This means that there will now be two websites to deal with which will also no doubt upset many… as the fallout continues.
  • (09.15) Wow. There’s a price increase that really hurts. Somehow it seems like an extreme lack of planning that Netflix wouldn’t have seen this coming in enough time to be able to slowly raise their prices over time… as it turns out, it looks like they’ll be losing a significant portion of their subscribers.
  • (09.14) John Sculley’s bungling ways are really what made Apple the behemoth it is today… that’s gotta hurt a little.
  • (09.13) Remember when Toyota was a company made up of apparently decent people? Well that ship has sailed… you gotta read this, I’m tellin’ you.
  • (09.12) Don’t be evil.
  • (09.11) An off-the-beaten-path story from this fateful day back in 2001. Very humbling how many different perspectives ripple out from this single catastrophic event.
  • (09.10) Wanna know what the Apple Board of Directors thinks of Tim Cook? Look no further than the 1 million shares of “restricted” Apple stock he was just given as compensation vesting in 5 and 10 years… my guess is that over the long haul that will amount to about 35 million per year… pretty sweet… you can bet that his seat at the helm of arguably the world’s most successful corporation has a lot more to do with skill then luck… maximizing economies of scale at a surgical level, that’s what makes Tim Cook the best and it’s why Apple will continue to thrive… the reason the world’s PC makers remain flustered is that they can copy Apple’s designs, but they can’t copy the efficiencies in Apple’s supply and production chain… sorry guys, you’re gonna have to have yourselves a couple geniuses and about 10 years for that to evolve organically…  an interesting analysis in Macalope, always worth a read…
  • (09.09) The rumor mills abuzz… My iPhone 4 is admittedly terrible for dropping calls. I’ve never been sure whether this is caused by the iPhone or the AT&T network… but either way, the iPhone 5 on the Sprint network with unlimited data is looking mighty tasty.
  • (09.08) Carol Bartz feels that Yahoo ‘fu*ked her over’ and she’s talking about it… to Fortune Magazine… and guess what? The interview cost her about 10 million dollars as she violated her non-disparagement agreement… one classy (potty-mouthed) woman… I love people who just say it like it is.
  • (09.07) Remember when Yahoo were the kings of tech? Now their share price is hanging around $13 and 75% of that value is their 40% stake in Chinese tech group Alibaba… right, I’ve never heard of them either… that’s why, today’s Google is tomorrow’s Yahoo… you heard it here first.
  • (09.06) Designed. All the way down to the sidewalk.
  • (09.05) “Steve Jobs and the Eureka Myth“. Adrian Slywotsky brings a little clarity to what more likely tends to happen within 1 Infinite Loop.
  • (09.04) A little deeper insight into the Netflix/Starzplay divorce from the Epicenter… be sure to click through as it’s a 2-page article… Also, as rate increases begin to hit the 25 million Netflix subscribers… how many are gonna bail?
  • (09.03) After 2 months now since Apple’s Final Cut Pro updated to a new version that provided no backwards compatibility with its predecessor, Apple has relented and begun selling the old version again… although you can get a copy only by calling Apple directly, the package is not being sold online or in the apple Stores.
  • (09.02) Did Apple security personnel impersonate San Francisco Police Officers? They did according to this Bernal Heights resident who had his home searched. Perhaps we have the first post-Jobs crisis gaining steam…
  • (09.01) As the Netflix price increases begin to hit subscribers, the apparent loss of their licensing deal with StarzPlay delivers a hit to the streaming side of things.