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Thursday, October 13th, 2011

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  • (10.31) Shit.. this is what I’ve been afraid of for a while now..
  • (10.30) Mona Simpson’s eulogy for her brother Steve..
  • (10.29) Turns out that it is possible to port SIRI to an iPhone 4 as well as a 4th-Generation iPod Touch… Has to be jailbroken though unfortunately.
  • (10.28) For those of us who have kept a close eye on the relationship between Apple and Google the last couple years… I’ve wondered a few times how tenuous the situation was in that Google Maps are such an integral part of iOS… from the sounds of this story, it might not be long before Apple has its own in-house version of the mapping software… and chances are, it will be tied to SIRI and completely kick Google’s ass.
  • (10.27) As a public service to all of you DirecTV subscribers out there, many FOX channels will be disappearing for you on 11/01 including FX, the National Geographic Channel and many FOX Sports Networks… here’s a link that will give you the complete 411 as well as a means to show DirecTV some of your disgust… I know I did…
  • (10.26) How sweet of a change of pace is this… it appears Apple is in the planning stages to build a 171 acre solar energy farm adjacent to its new billion dollar iCloud data center in North Carolina.
  • (10.25) Marco Ament’s ‘in-depth’ review of the iPhone 4S.
  • (10.24) Apple posts the video from their special event celebrating the life and times of Steve Jobs, can’t imagine any Apple fans who would want to miss this… Also, Walter Issacson’s anticipated biography hits the streets today as well… doubting any of you actually visit a bookstore anymore… here’s the Amazon link.
  • (10.23) Ten years ago today… MacWorld’s review of the original iPod… my how the time flies.
  • (10.22) Pondering what Steve Jobs was working on at the end… the smart money makes a lot of sense…
  • (10.21) Like I’ve said 8 million times… they’re thieves I tell you… have an original idea parasites… Steve knew
  • (10.20) Decades old Calvin & Hobbes panel deftly explains the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  • (10.19) Yeah, whatever… you’re still a tool.
  • (10.18) A great read on the inside story of Dropbox.
  • (10.17) Although Apple missed their revenue forecast last quarter for the first time since 2002… Sweet Jesus, look at what they predict for this coming quarter.
  • (10.16) I’ve been saying for a while… and now the (sometimes painful) transition from MobileMe to iCloud has bore this out… Apple needs to come up with a way for those of us that have been around for a while and have multiple Apple ID’s… to merge them to a single, consolidated Apple ID… just a glimpse into some of the problems folks are having.
  • (10.15) With all the updates and new releases from Apple last week, the incremental update of OS X Lion to 10.7.2 went relatively unnoticed. Although in large part this update just served to connect the desktop to iCloud, other maladies were corrected… here’s an overview.
  • (10.14) Woz claims a little fear for the future of Apple.
  • (10.13) For all of you with fresh new updates to iOS 5… Here’s a definitive review of all the new functionality toiled over by Dan Moren for Macworld…. and another decent walk-through from Rene Ritchie…
  • (10.12) Whoa… I had only minor issues in upgrading an iPhone and an iPad to the new iOS 5 (so far at least… there might be some hidden buggaboo’s that I haven’t discovered yet)… but evidently that wasn’t the case for all… how many people do you think were hitting Apple servers at the same time? 10 million? 20 million? Anyhow, here’s a list of the things that were going wrong for folks…
  • (10.11) When you’re reading this article, keep in mind that Apple just sold a million iPhone 4s’ and SOLD OUT a pre-sale… someone should ask Mr. Lees how the pre-sale orders are looking for Windows 7 phones running Mango? The key I guess is to deliver the lines with a straight face.
  • (10.10) Steve Jobs entrance into heaven facilitated on an iPad… and the story behind the ‘iconic’ Apple logo remix that would certainly be considered viral at this point…
  • (10.09) A quick thought just now to visit Pixar’s website just caused me to feel the sense of loss all over again..
  • (10.08) A great piece of reflection as MG Siegler comments on the death of Steve Jobs for Tech Crunch. Included is a link to the original ‘Think Different’ ad with Jobs himself narrating… and as Siegler so aptly notes, he probably didn’t even consider the fact that he was describing himself.
  • (10.07) Leave it to the Onion
  • (10.06) An awesome Jobs video retrospective over at Devour…
  • (10.05) Steve Jobs passes… so sad indeed… Getting nostalgic on theScroll.
  • (10.04) A nice summarization of what Apple announced today at their launch event.
  • (10.03) As a professional designer in 2011 there are two companies in Apple and Adobe that you can’t live without. From there come hundreds of much smaller companies that make niche tools also necessary as means to an end. Typekit is one such company that does one thing well… which is to allow designers on the web to reference and use commercial fonts in their web designs. Typekit has now been acquired by Adobe. As all staff will remain the same and the company will continue to operate autonomously… here’s hoping nobody tries to fix something that isn’t broken.
  • (10.02) If I was President, I used to think the coolest parts would be having the nuclear launch codes, flying everywhere on Air Force 1 and meeting the championship teams from every sport for at least 4 years… but after reading this, I’d have to add having a pre-release iPad hand delivered to me by Steve Jobs.
  • (10.01) Nice try Psystar. I guess now you’ll have to actually come up with an original idea yourselves.

Remembering Steve Jobs

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Wired’s Gadget Lab goes around the office to get the Apple/Steve Jobs stories… sort of fun if you’re a regular reader of Wired…