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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

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  • (11.30) From David Foster Wallace, an author that we lost way, way too soon… an interesting look into the syllabus and how his could help you live your daily life.
  • (11.29) Is the Blackberry finished? The end seems near.
  • (11.28) This link speaks volumes about the ultimately spellbinding environment Apple has created with the iOS/xCode ecosystem. This a story about Mike Swanson, who just last month ended his 12-year tenure at Microsoft to become a full-time App writer.
  • (11.27) So much discussion revolving around Apple’s sales figures for iPhone’s, iPad’s, iMac’s, etcetera… often lost in the mix is how the Apple Retail Stores have contributed to these sales accomplishments. Now at 358 stores and counting worldwide, read here about yet another innovation Apple has pressed into service to make the shopping experience that much slicker.
  • (11.26) An interesting short interview with Craig Mundie from Microsoft regarding alternative interfaces as it pertains to Kinect. Also some sour grapes over the iPhone and SIRI.
  • (11.25) It has been rumored that Steve Jobs desired for Apple to own and maintain its own cellular network. This post to Wired’s Epicenter generally illustrates why…
  • (11.24) Apple will beat you in the marketplace and they’ll beat you in court… your choice.
  • (11.23) A few days ago I linked to STAMPED, a new app that came out earlier this week. I got started with the app myself by stamping a few things… this article though gives me reason to pause.
  • (11.22) Surprised this took an entire week to rear its pretty face… Ah, Flash… we used to love you, but now we don’t it seems… why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier.
  • (11.21) “Flash still has a significant presence on the Internet, but it’s arguably a legacy technology that will decline in relevance as mobile experiences become increasingly important” HTML 5 video in the post-Flash world.
  • (11.20) Out tomorrow, a new social app called STAMPED that allows you to share your ‘stamp of approval’ with your friends and followers… not a 2 or 3-star rating or any other level of ranking.. which is good… just the single 5-star stamp on the things you like best amongst books, movies, music, apps, websites, etcetera… who knows, might catch on…
  • (11.19) It’s a rough ride with a ton of legal bills when you’re trying to defend yourself against an entire industry trying night and day to copy your ideas…
  • (11.18) Inventor or Tweaker? An interesting viewpoint on the Jobs autobiography.
  • (11.17) iOS vs. Android… the war, the speculation, the debate goes on and on… but here’s the real deal… and what it says is that if volume is what you’re interested in, Android sells the most… but if it’s profit that reigns supreme, then no one is close to Apple and iOS. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a product line comparison between Apple and Samsung that’s truly stunning.
  • (11.16) It’s looking like the engineers over at Apple have finally gotten that battery-life issue licked. Rumor has it that another iOS update is on its way next week…
  • (11.15) An eye-opening interview of Jeff Bezos of Amazon by Steven Levy for Wired.
  • (11.14) Reading Pogue’s review here… makes you think twice if you were planning on picking up a Kindle Fire.
  • (11.13) Not really tech-based… more science and nature… but I just found this little blurb on the Lysmata amboinensis amazing.
  • (11.12) The 6 pillars of Steve Jobs design philosophy. Makes me think of all the times I’ve actively appreciated an Apple-based design detail.
  • (11.11) A 64-member design team tasked with interface and UI changes that will affect hundreds of millions of users… An interesting look behind the curtain of Facebook design.
  • (11.10) The Macalope takes aim at the pundits… if you’re eWeek… better duck.
  • (11.09) With news yesterday that Adobe would be laying off another 700+ workers, I wondered what this meant for their quest to bring a stable Flash Player to mobile devices? Not that I care being an iPhone user… But Jobs had said HTML5 was the path all the way back in ’07… Adobe continued to reject that notion, but now here at the tail-end of ’11 it looks like Adobe is throwing in the towel… there will never be a functional Mobile Flash… Also in this article for the Gadget Lab, Mike Isaac lays out the cliff notes for the uninitiated.
  • (11.08) Everybody needs to remember that SIRI is still in BETA, although articles like this give Apple engineers something to chew on in their down-time.
  • (11.07) A sneak peak into the 3D filming of Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’… which unfortunately is not going to hit the big screen until December of 2012.
  • (11.06) Browser Wars 2011. Firefox and Internet Explorer in decline… Safari peaking… and Chrome on the rise. Long live WebKit.
  • (11.05) For all those predicting that the Kindle Fire will be an iPad killer, they’re looking past the ever-growing ‘fragmentation’ plaguing the Android market… a recent survey shows that over half of the Android devices released since ’07 stopped receiving OS updates from Google less than one year after their release… well short of the 2-year binding terms of most mobile contracts.
  • (11.04) Reading this article will give you a lot better sense of what “sandboxing” actually means to the end-user… more secure, sure… but what’s the trade-off? Many long-time Mac Software titles like BBEdit and Transmit FTP would have core-functionality gutted if heeded to the letter of the law… but Apple says ALL Apps must be compliant by March 1, 2012 or they’re out of the App Store… too bad.
  • (11.03) Being a huge patron of my local library, I was pretty excited to hear that Amazon would start offering Kindle books for check-out… but once the details were revealed… not so much.
  • (11.02) An even scarier evaluation from Marco Arment that predicts the extinction of the Mac Pro Desktop Towers by 2014.
  • (11.01) For our readers that are also Twitter lovers… a cool new page on the Twitter site that shows how folks are using the social network.