Daily Links for August

August 6th, 2011

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  • (08.31) Wow, this looks familiar… I’m racking my brain… where have I seen this before?
  • (08.30) Although I don’t necessarily agree with the long view here… I think the 5 things to look for in Apple’s advertising moving forward are spot-on… if you see these things starting to happen, ‘sell your shares’ henceforth.
  • (08.29) Holy Crikey’s… look who’s on a road to nowhere… hard to believe, even for someone who has never bought one of their products.
  • (08.28) There’s more to every story isn’t there? I don’t know about you, but I never imagined it was Steve Jobs making each and every decision over at Apple… How would that ever work out? A great little blog piece from The Small Wave.
  • (08.27) I’ve heard the term “fan-boy” thrown around a lot in my time… I don’t count myself amongst them as I was purchasing Apple gear when they were at $4 a share… but this guy? Definitely a bold and creative response to some bad news, and most likely… a fan-boy.
  • (08.26) Many know the story of Steve Jobs loosely… he started Apple, was ousted from the company by a Board coup only to return 3 CEO’s later to orchestrate one of the greatest second acts in the history of business… this synopsis by Frank Rose of his book ‘West of Eden’ gives the gist… a book I’ve read, it’s an excellent telling of the timeline that is Apple Computer.
  • (08.25) Having hit the nail on the head so many times… sometimes predicting trends that would take several years to emerge… the quotable Steve Jobs
  • (08.24) Steve Jobs resigns, the day has come. But as John Gruber details, we’ve seen it coming for a long time now… At this moment I’m not worried for Apple whatsoever, Apple will be fine. In fact, Steve Jobs greatest accomplishment wasn’t any specific Apple product, but rather, Apple itself. No company that I’ve ever run into ‘gets it’ more than Apple… and the architecture Steve Jobs put into place will continue to function as it has over this last decade plus… What has me unsettled is the health of Steve Jobs the man, a shame that a life force such as his couldn’t just live to a ripe old age. A shame that the nature of his ailments have caused him to step down prematurely… hopefully this new scenario will allow him to better his health and stick around the scene for years to come.
  • (08.23) I would have cut off a finger to have been the recipient of this rejection letter… long live Gonzo.
  • (08.22) A superb look at the point where Art meets Google Street View from Pete Brook for Raw File… This article contains links to the also excellent Google Sightseeing and Google StreetFunny as well as a shout out to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Readymades’… how can you go wrong?
  • (08.21) Does Apple sue Gawker for purchasing a stolen pre-release iPhone 4? As this article points out, Steve Jobs has never been afraid of making unpopular decisions..
  • (08.20) Anonymous. Revolutionary hackers that have gone after targets ranging from Scientology to Bill O’Reilly leaving digital mayhem in their wake. Police and FBI attempt to track down the guilty but it’s a little like sticking your finger in a dike isn’t it… A scan of this article seems to indicate that maintaining different passwords across your online identity is a wise and prudent necessity moving forward… these guys seem to be be ramping up their activity.
  • (08.19) Not really tech or Apple related… but such good news I had to give it some space… say goodnight you creepy-ass mofo.
  • (08.18) For those of us who spend any amount of time on Wikipedia and other sites that employ footnotes. This is a great little extension from Ideon for Chrome and Safari users that will now display those footnotes inline without the need to jump away from the location on the page where the footnote occurs. I’m using it, recommended. And for the developers out there, here’s the original blog post on it as well as the source code that you can implement.
  • (08.17) Here’s an interesting list of quotes posted by Google themselves documenting what their Android Partners are saying about Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. A quick read suggests they were all written by the same (drunk) Google employee. What’s ironic is the fact that having this many partners is exactly why the Droid OS will remain a steamy pile of duty in relation to iOS. Say what you want about Apple’s closed system… but make sure to include the fact that it’s awesome, secure and it works.
  • (08.16) Apple releases the all-important 10.7.1 update to recently released OS X Lion.
  • (08.15) Still wondering how Google might benefit from its 12.5 billion dollar acquisition of Motorola mobility. The move seems purely made for the patents acquired and the perceived insulation they provide against Apple and Microsoft in the coming ‘mobile wars’… but why buy the cow when you can just buy the milk… the thought is Motorola had Google by the balls in that Microsoft was a suitor for those Motorola patents as well… time will tell, let’s keep our eyes on this one.
  • (08.14) How big is the new “Spaceship Headquarters’ Apple is looking to build in Cupertino? Just slightly bigger than the Pentagon it turns out… check this super-cool post from John Martellaro.
  • (08.13) You’ve heard the stories in the last few years of how social media helped to fuel this or that rapid organization/deployment of people towards a cause. Mubarak in Egypt, recent protestor organizations in Vancouver and San Francisco, etc… with the riots in England last week however, we start to see the next (il)logical chapter in the evolution of social media which goes to say, the guy who controls the cell towers, controls the social media. Que sera, we fought the law and the law won.
  • (08.12) As an architect, I’d give my right arm to be able to work on this one… Looks like you’ll be able to see Apple’s new headquarters from space… a really cool post for any of you architectural geeks.
  • (08.11) I’ve always maintained that John Dvorak is about 90% tool… I just ran across this beautiful piece of prognostication that John spewed into the world back in March of ’07… he continues to make a living while rarely knowing what he’s talking about.
  • (08.10) Remember that guy from Gizmodo that got ahold of a pre-release iPhone 4 and leaked the details? Well, he ends up getting off while the two guys that sold him the phone face charges. Evidently, something you found becomes something you stole the moment you decide to sell it.
  • (08.09) Remember when Quark Express was the king of the hill… Back in the day (1997) I had an employer that shelled out a grand for the software just to find out Quark wanted to squeeze us for another $500 for technical support… made me hate ’em… then came inDesign which I switched to day one… one way or another, Quark has just been sold to a private equity firm which basically delivers it to deaths doorway… karma’s a bitch guys, should have treated your customers better when you were on top, they would have been more likely to stick with you through the tough times… c’est la vie Quark, nice knowin’ ya…
  • (08.08) Things are going good when you get bigger than oil… even if it’s just temporary.
  • (08.07) For as goofy as he can sometimes get… Mark Cuban can nail it right on the head once and a while. In response to Googles ongoing software patent cacophony.
  • (08.06) A funny but true opinion on the use of the word ‘sexy’ as it pertains to electronic devices… it has become a crutch hasn’t it? Now excuse me while I go finish up the romantic dinner I’m preparing for my MacBook Pro.


Poking Fun At Netflix

August 5th, 2011

Daily Links for July

July 2nd, 2011

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  • (07.28) Spatial Impossibilities from ‘The Shining’. And you thought that no one was paying attention… watch Part 2 here… and with that, I’m off on vacation. See you on the 6th.
  • (07.27) Crumple Pop is a company that makes effect plug-ins for Final Cut. Having used the new X version for about a month now… I’d say they’re barking up the right tree with their essay ‘Why we’re betting everything on FCP X‘. The main folks affected by the major paradigm shift of the new version remain pro editors… specifically those having to deal with very specific sometimes very complex situations… the rest of us? Well this is working just fine… Seriously.
  • (07.26) Sick like I am of sites that break their articles into multiple chunks spanning 2 or more pages? Here’s a new plug-in for Safari and Chrome that makes it a thing of the past. Run don’t walk…
  • (07.25) You up for a little reading? This bunch of characters from Microsoft Research have written an extensive, footnoted white paper on the premise that the servers required for ‘cloud computing’ be used in residential and office spaces to provide heat for those dwellings during the winter months… but wouldn’t those savings be nullified by how much I’d be spending on air conditioning in the Summer to keep from burning up?
  • (07.24) This is what happens when a “journalist” on a deadline runs up against it and nothing… nothing at all comes…
  • (07.23) Some hidden features in Mac OS X Lion from Tidbits.
  • (07.22) Long story short, the rag that is the Wall Street Journal took a shot at Apple by publishing a seedy opinion on the succession of Steve Jobs a half hour before Apple released their quarterly financial report, presumably to dampen the report… John Gruber offers up this masterful response… When Steve Jobs ends up leaving Apple for whatever reason, Apple will stay exactly as it is today… just without Steve Jobs.
  • (07.21) Let’s make it official, Google shutters Google Labs. Some running projects have been terminated while others will be incorporated into Google+ according to the company.
  • (07.20) Holy King of the Jungle… need the low-down on Lion? The article I look most forward to every time we’ve seen a new version of OS X would be John Siracusa’s review for Ars Technica…
  • (07.19) Looks like Mac OS X Lion is just about here… Apple Insider is reporting a Wednesday morning launch. In preparation, here’s a site that’s tracking application compatibility when moving to Lion… Here’s a decent article on preparing your Mac for the transition… and here’s an incredibly in depth look at getting a ‘clean start’ by employing manual Mac migration in your switch to Lion… All this said though… be smart like me and don’t update until 10.7.1 ships… if you choose to ignore this advise, don’t come crying to me.
  • (07.19) Sitting here right now enjoying the brute power of my 12-core Mac Pro… I found this in-depth review of the machine very illuminating (although close to 9 month old now, which is about 27 computer years).
  • (07.18) For those of you neck-deep in love with iOS… here’s a little something to wet your whistle as we begin to look forward to the Fall release of iOS 5.
  • (07.18) Just getting my WIRED subscription activated digitally on my iPad the other day… it struck me as odd how large the per issue download sizes are at approximately 250mb… that alone taps out most of the bandwidth limit for many peoples 3G packages… operating solely on wi-fi though I suppose it’s worth it for that top-notch Conde Naste design right… here’s a great article I found regarding reading on the iPad, give it a look…
  • (07.17) I for one put more trust in a President with good taste in technology… Looks like an iPad on the table next to him, a MacBook Pro under the First Lady’s feet and a FLIP Ultra in front of the snacks…
  • (07.16) Wow! That’s a cheap iPad 2… someone over at Sears.com is looking for a new job this week… UPDATED: Sears apologizes for mistake but cancels all orders placed at the discounted rate nonetheless… boo!
  • (07.15) That PDF vulnerability that we talked about on the show a couple weeks ago… Apple provides the fix with the iOS 4.3.4 update.
  • (07.14) Apple’s contentious Final Cut Pro X release has created uneasy feelings among Mac professional content creators. Should they be concerned about their investment in the Mac platform as Apple goes mainstream? Dave Girard argues that it’s too early to hit the panic button.
  • (07.13) In this amazing long-form blog piece from Charlie Park… Edward Tufte’s “Slopegraph” is examined and analyzed with the greatest of care. Tufte, a long time influence on me personally… proof-read this essay himself… make sure you have at least a half hour to kill.
  • (07.12) Netflix begins the process of seeing how much they can get away with… I would say this one will depend on how many DVD’s you usually rent in a months time.
  • (07.11) Remember when we started hearing objections to the sorts of data Google street view trucks were collecting? Well that situations getting hairier by the day, currently approaching class action status…
  • (07.10) When all else fails… tilt the playing field.
  • (07.09) He has written about Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Einstein… Walter Issacson’s ‘official’ biography of Steve Jobs due out next March officially gets a new name.
  • (07.08) Not only will they “gate rape” you… they’ll also steal your iPad… really makes you want to fly somewhere… some would say that the terrorists have won.
  • (07.07) You could swing a dead cat and hit a WordPress update these days… but I just updated one of my installs with the newly minted version 3.2 and was pleasantly surprised… It’s worth it just for the GUI update, I love the new typefaces, much cleaner… have a look
  • (07.06) As of today, a race against time. A jailbreakme.com hacker exposes a security hole in the latest version of iOS (4.3.3) that could be exploited towards malicious ends. Will that happen? Or will Apple beat them with a fix? Standing by…
  • (07.05) Apple’s Final Cut Pro X FAQ’s eased some fears here and there… but mostly confirmed the bad news for pro’s on the high-end. Reporting from Ars Technica.
  • (07.04) For users of Apple “Pro” apps… thoughts of what Pro means these days within the Apple lexicon have crossed most of our minds… a brief suggestion on the Observatory.
  • (07.03) In all the uproar over Final Cut last week, overlooked has been the new Apple DataCenter in North Carolina as the company prepares to bring iCloud online this Fall. So to catch things up a bit, first let’s take a look at the straight facts from Data Center Knowledge… Next, let’s have a look at the conspiracy theory from tech crackpot Cringely… and then back to the DCK for a check on Cringely’s math
  • (07.02) Let’s assume that Apple is not a bunch of dummies and that there’s actually a plan in place here… some thoughts on the creation of Final Cut Pro X from Lonelysandwich.
  • (07.01) Aptly named from the mothership, “Answers to your Final Cut Pro X questions“.

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Editor Scorned.

June 29th, 2011

Apple Culture

I’d like to start by putting my association with Final Cut Pro in context. I believe that’s an important thing to do in front of committing words to the topic in a public forum… for instance, Josh Mellicker was apparently present at the genesis to impregnate the FCP egg, you should definitely take his opinion most seriously… but for me, I make about 5% of my yearly wage using Final Cut, all the projects I currently have lined up for it are solely of the home movie variety… what I think this means though is that I’m the ideal practitioner of this new software in its current state. I come to the table with just a modicum of baggage.

Final Cut Pro X Logo

Unfortunately for Apple (although they most likely knew what they were getting into and have good reasons for doing what they did), they’ve seriously pissed off a small (3-5%) but extremely vocal portion of the FCP user base… the professional editors… this tweet says it all I suppose… and as things stand right now, I promise you that if I were one of those people, making my living using Final Cut Studio each and every day within a complex workflow utilizing the talents of dozens of different professionals… I’d be pissed too…

Editor Frustration

But I’m not a pro editor… I’d most likely be best described as a prosumer, an aficionado of learning cool new software… but I don’t have an everyday need for XML or EDL exports, I have no particular urgency to garner multi-cam functionality, I also don’t care that much that FCPX won’t import legacy FCP projects. Even though I have probably a dozen projects authored with FCP7 over the last few years, I’m content to just open them up in the old software if I need to edit them… and the reason for this is because I view FCPX for what it is… a tremendous (64-bit) foundation for what will become the gold standard in video post over the next 3 years or so, mark my words. Small solace to those that make their living with this program on a daily basis but Apple has been all about workmanlike iteration over the last decade. This article by John Gruber for MacWorld perfectly describes what I mean by this. I’m willing to get on board now and see where this leads… Expect version 10.1 within the next 4-6 weeks, that’s how Apple does it… many of the most important omissions will be addressed. But I still can’t figure out for the life of me why Apple wouldn’t continue to sell and support Final Cut Studio 3… at least until the new FCPX achieves some level of feature parity to what the pros are used to today. Seems like a decision dripping in nothing but downside. But that aside…

Don’t believe everything that you read, this is some very cool software, especially at the $300 price point. I’ve only had time to get midway through Chapter 5 in the FCPX manual here over the past week but I’ve already encountered more cool features than I have time to describe here. Omissions? Yes… but that’s the price of tearing something down and starting all over from scratch. I have faith in Apple to make things right, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Most Interesting Commentary from the Blogosphere

Always a great source for Apple commentary is David Pogue writing currently for the New York Times… here’s his initial review of FCPX from 06/22… here he debunks several myths and offers several workarounds… and his latest post from 06/24 sums things up as he tries to get all the pro editors off his back.

More proof in the pudding, Serenity Caldwell takes a look back to ’08 when Apple did this same sort of thing to iMovie… she makes a comparison and speaks to how this may inform the ongoing development of Final Cut Pro X while surmising that it might not be such a bad thing…

Jeffery Harrell is just unconsolably pissed off… and he makes a lot of valid points.

Walter Biscardi’s long-winded kiss off of Final Cut Pro X… we’ll see you later Walter, so you say your going back to Premiere of all the nutty ideas.

And Larry Jordan, being a guy who makes his living teaching Final Cut, he must really feel like he’s between a rock and a hard place… but before you criticize Apple too harshly Larry, you might want to update the design of your blog, it appears it hasn’t been given a fresh coat of paint since the Clinton Administration.

And as it’s always good to leave them laughing, enjoy this from Conan last Thursday night…

Daily Links for April

April 19th, 2011

monthly links

  • (04.28) How the iPhone knows where you are… an in-depth look into how it’s done.
  • (04.26) If cash is King, Apple is an Emperor. If Apple didn’t make another dime moving forward, they’d still have enough cash on hand to continue SG&A and R&D for the next 7 years.
  • (04.21) Careful what you’re sending to the cloud… the problem with FREE is that you always get what you pay for, there’s a reason behind almost all cliches. Inevitably, our data stored in the ever-growing plethora of free server spaces will be breached… it’s just a matter of time. Tread carefully.
  • (04.20) As we spoke about on the show this evening… your iPad’s and iPhone’s are storing your location data unencrypted on the computer’s you use to sync those devices. Download the open-source iPhone Tracker software here. Running it from the machine you sync with will display all the places you’ve been on the map. Pretty creepy. If you’d like to encrypt this information, simply select your iPhone or iPad under “Devices” in iTunes and check “encrypt iPhone backup” down in the Options box… I always feel like, somebody’s watching me…
  • (04.19) More growing pains on the App Store… As Apple realizes that they are most likely falsely impacting popularity algorithms, the company moves to clamp down on incentivized app downloads
  • (04.16) I literally stumbled across a link to this article the other day that’s an awesome read, especially if you’re a Chicagoland Netflix subscriber…. how does Netflix get you those DVD’s so fast? Here’s how its done
  • (04.14) David Pogue peers into the real reasons behind the shuttering of FLIP Video.
  • (04.13) At long last, rumbles from the jungle on the Final Cut Pro front… going on 2 years since the last stable release (7.0.3), Apple announced yesterday that Final Cut Pro X will most likely ship in June which is very happy news for all of us that are addicted to this software. Even better news is that long time issues have been addressed… the program is now 64-bit native which gives it access to all the cores your machine may be blessed with and the interface has been completely redesigned (i.e. Logic, Aperture) and after all this time, the rumor is the program will now be able to access as much RAM as your computer has as opposed to the current 4gig limit. Larry Jordan offers as much of a pre-release review as possible under the weight of an Apple NDA.
  • (04.12) Bad news from AT&T for the bandwidth hogging Netflix junkies… Starting May 2nd, DSL customers will be limited to 150 GB per month. AT&T claims this will only affect 2% of its customers while claiming the average user is at about 18 GB a month. A little more detail from the Huffington Post.
  • (04.01) iMac’s for every last bit of data input, Final Cut Pro for the editing together of highlight reels, h.264 the video encoding format of choice… Apple products are at the heart of the incredibly complex process behind MLB.com and MLBTV… have a look inside Major League Baseballs NYC mission control central…

Daily Links for March

March 1st, 2011

monthly links

  • (03.31) If you’re as big a fan of interactive timelines as I am, you’re gonna love this one…. the colorful history of Lollapalooza on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
  • (03.24) 90WPM reviews Garageband for the iPad. Man, when is that iPad gonna show up? Wallowing in back-order hell…
  • (03.23) Bertrand Serlet from WWDC 2006 with his hilarious take on Windows Vista.
  • (03.22) Bertrand Serlet, the father of the Macintosh OSX and iOS operating systems is leaving Apple. Details in the Gadget Lab.
  • (03.21) Andy Ihnatko reviews iPad 2.
  • (03.19) Did Apple make a mistake with the concept of “free” apps? Manton Reece thinks so… read his argument and decide for yourself.
  • (03.18) Just got that new iPad? Looking for some ideas on the App front? Here’s an interesting collection of suggestions from RedEye.
  • (03.17) Chris Espinosa started working for Apple in 1976 when he was still 14. He reported to work in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage. For those of us that were fans of Hypercard or AppleScript, or simply if you were an Apple fan before everything “i” got going, here’s the story (written by Chris) of how he officially ended up Apple employee #8.
  • (03.14) The free ride for some AT&T DSL customers will be coming to an end May 2nd as the company institutes a 150 gig monthly data limit.
  • (03.12) Engadget’s top editors Topolsky and Patel exit from AOL’s giant tech site. A comprehensive review by All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher.
  • (03.07) Now that a few months of data is in… how is the Verizon network holding up against AT&T’s? Click here for the run down.
  • (03.06) Apple is Fortune’s pick for the worlds most admired company for the 4th year straight.
  • (03.05) The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a company work so hard to get people to STOP using their product.
  • (03.05) 1 million workers. 90 million iPhones. 17 suicides. Who’s to blame? An in-depth look from Wired Magazine.
  • (03.04) If this isn’t the coolest product page on the web, show me the one that is… Apple’s new iPad Smart Cover, so simple, the height of design. I can’t wait to hold my very own.
  • (03.03) A short clip on the iPad’s first year that was shown at the March 2nd Apple event… So well done.