The Ultimate Mission From God

When I watched the Blues Brothers last week for about the fortieth time… I wasn’t aware that June 20th would be the 30th Anniversary of the movies release… But here it is, just saw a clipping in the newspaper. Amazing how fresh that movie remains, even today… Admittedly, I have a special bond with this movie as it landed right at the epicenter of my childhood, the Summer before I entered High School… Its heavy […]

Dennis Hopper : 1936-2010

Born in the one and only Dodge City, Kansas in 1936, Dennis Hopper was one of those actors that was in so many of my favorite movies. By all accounts, Hopper was tough to work with… a fierce temper, exacerbated by drugs and alcohol, left a wide trail of ex-wives and pissed off colleagues… but at the end of the day, an actor is remembered by the world at large for his work on film… […]

The Day I Thought Would Never End

I have a strange affliction when it comes to the television that I watch… if you hook me in the beginning, I almost always stay loyal until the end, even if your show jumps the shark… somehow waiting for that early magic to return. Occasionally it happens, most of the time it doesn’t. 24 is one such show. When it debuted back in 2001 it was television like you’ve never seen it before. All events […]

A Satisfying Purgatory

LOST was an exceptional television journey. I’m feeling mostly rewarded for having given the show my loyalty over the last 7 years. JJ Abrams, Jeff Lieber, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and company crafted a beautiful, complex and challenging world… purgatory as it turns out… I enjoyed immensely the way the writers wrapped things up… ” What happens now?” Jack asks his Father… “There is no ‘now’ here,” Christian Shephard answers his son… of course there […]