The loss of Prince has been a hard one for me to process today… feels a bit like Belushi felt… or Lennon… like a kick to the gut… he wasn’t friend or family, but the effect he had on me over the course of his unmatched career was profound… for my tastes, he was the most talented multi-instrumentalist in the history of recorded music… piano, drums or guitar…. virtuosity… …and that’s before you even look […]

Lemmy Kilmister : 1945-2015

Born Ian Fraser Kilmister in Staffordshire, England in 1945… as legend has it, the nickname Lemmy originates from his fondness for the phrase “lemme borrow a fiver” back in his earlier days as a starving musician. Kilmister founded Motörhead in 1975 and was 35 years old before achieving any sort of notoriety… from that point on however, Lemmy’s journey was steadfast and true, 22 studio albums since 1977’s self-titled debut winding all the way to the latest, Bad Magic released just this year back in August, exactly 4 months before his death. […]

Catching Up With Van Halen

It’s safe to say that Van Halen’s first 6 albums stand as one of the greatest winning streaks in rock history… It’s difficult to consider this band nostalgic, as those 6 albums have never gone long without a spin within my perpetually cycling playlist, but the fact is, they’ve gone decades since they were relevant in the moment… from my perspective, they haven’t been a band since 1984, that’s when the prolificness, the passion, the […]

Thanks for the Ride

It’s not every day that I write a post like this. Happy that two great friends are just completing a phenomenal 27-year run, yet sad that my weekly role in that is coming to an end… I’ll miss the weekly rides in to the Tribune Tower, traveling after dark makes it feel like the expressways are my own personal possessions. Its gotten to the point now where I schedule client meetings, visits with friends and […]

Arena Rock is Dead

My love/hate relationship with Axl Rose turned another page last night as I, for whatever reason, bought tickets to see Guns N’ Roses at Chicago’s Allstate Arena. As nostalgia goes, lately it seems that every time I decide to see a show from a band that had significance for me at some other point in my life… I leave unsatisfied, as though some key ingredient from my past love of a band remains elusive 20 […]

Close Call In Ottawa

When I saw this one come across the wire I got that uncomfortable pit in my stomach… A band that has provided so much of the soundtrack for my life was almost snuffed out in its entirety last night in Ottawa, Canada. Having pretty much perpetually toured over the last 35 years or so… Nielsen, Zander and company have to be seriously contemplating a break after living through this… Evidently one of their equipment semi’s […]

Hold On Tight! Here Comes Jane’s…

One of my top 20 bands ever, the thing that’s always been most disappointing about Jane’s Addiction is how long we have to wait for new material… this time around it has been 8 long years since their last studio album, 2003’s Strays… But when a new record is within view, the pain always seems to fade as we now look forward to the September 27th release of The Great Escape Artist featuring the classic […]

Review: Spearhead at the Riviera Theater

My pledge for 2010 to only attend reasonably priced shows in smaller venues continued this past Friday night with Michael Franti & Spearhead at the Riviera Theater in Uptown. One of things I love about Spearhead is that you can count on a new album every eighteen months or so and a show in town on an almost yearly basis… in fact, most of the new album (released September 21st) was written and recorded on […]

Public Enemy Salutes the Soul

My favorite revolutionaries are back from Niagara Falls with Say It Like It Really Is, a brand new track that will be featured on the upcoming box set “Bring the Noise, Hits, Vids and Doc Box”. From Huey and Angela to Living Colour and Kool Moe Dee, you can never accuse Public Enemy of not remembering where they came from. And while we’re on the subject of Public Enemy… I also wanted to share/archive this […]

NIN & Fringe… An Obvious Coupling.

As Trent Reznor was ripping across North America a couple months back on the Nine Inch Nails farewell tour, he said repeatedly that he wasn’t done making music, he was just done with the touring entity that was Nine Inch Nails. My guess on what would come next definitely included possible soundtrack work… moving quickly as he’s been prone to do in the last decade or so, we now get some early proof of what’s […]

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