Chicago Cubs – 2016 Opening Days

So here we are at long last… the most anticipated Chicago Cubs season of our lives… it’s hard after what we saw last year to not be excited about our prospects, especially after the additions of Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, John Lackey and Adam Warren in the off-season… but all Cubs fans know to never count any eggs before they’ve hatched… one way or another though, it promises to be a wild ride that we’re all going to enjoy.

A Special Winters Day

It was one of those Chicago winter nights that was perfect enough to inspire some words… for me, there’s nothing like a middling snowfall that ends about midnight. For all my neighbors, they’ve already given up on shoveling until the morning, leaving me the world all to myself… I put the iPod on shuffle and get to work, a great time to ponder something fantastic that may have happened earlier in the evening… and on […]

Thankful For What Didn’t Happen

I know I’ve written a lot about this over the last month… but it’s always so enticing isn’t it? At least if you’re a fan of a sports team… that big name guy that has put himself on the open market. You start to want the image of that guy you have in your minds eye for your own team, your own city… feels like partial ownership on a fragment of his career, his legacy… […]

Walk On Gilded Splinters

These are the sort of times that make being a sports fan exhilarating… when nothing has been decided yet and hope blooms eternal… Of course I’m talking about the brief period of time between when NBA Free Agency begins and when you start to hear where the players in question are gonna land. The Chicago Bulls haven’t had a dog in this fight for some seasons now… but this year is altogether different. Having cleared […]

What’s Up With This Guy?

Carlos Zambrano is a major league pitcher that can have a great night occasionally. Like on September 14th, 2008 when he no-hit the Houston Astros up in the Brewer’s Miller Park. As Hurricane Ike blasted the Texas coastline, Zambrano blasted the strike zone. Other than a walk to Michael Bourn in the 4th and hitting Hunter Pence in the 5th, Zambrano was perfect on that given night. But this kind of night has been the […]

The Blackhawks Win the Stanley Cup

As much as I hate bandwagon jumpers when it comes to sports team fandom… I wouldn’t describe myself as a Chicago Blackhawks fan, hockey has never been a staple for me. However I am a huge fan of Chicago baseball, basketball and football (in that order), so I can enjoy the fact that so many of my friends had a great time with the Blackhawks run this year. Hopefully the majority of them are every […]

Could the Stars be Aligning?

Ever since the 3rd game of the Eastern Conference Semi’s I’ve been actively thinking about it. That was also right about the time when every news outlet in the country started speculating on it as well… What would Lebron James look like in a Chicago Bulls jersey? Up until tonight the allure for Lebron seemed to be the promise of dominating on the bigger Chicago stage in the house that Michael built. With Joakim Noah […]

2010 Opening Day Cubs Lineup

Is this the year? Yeah… I know… most likely not… but you never know right? The Cubs started 2010 on the road this year on April 5th with a 16-5 drubbing by the Atlanta Braves… The “new Big Z” went 1-1/3 giving up 6 hits and 8 earned runs. Sheesh. Ryan Theriot SS Kosuke Fukudome RF Derrek Lee 1B Aramis Ramirez 3B Marlon Byrd CF Alfonso Soriano LF Mike Fontenot 2B Geovany Soto C Carlos […]

I Wish I Was Tom Ricketts

As the new owner of the Chicago Cubs, Tom Ricketts is just the guy to send a message to all the future Milton Bradley’s that may be coming up through the ranks… How? By making Milton the highest paid Single-A ballplayer in history. The way these things work is that the club who is stuck with the problem player (and his contract), have “no other choice” than to deal the problem guy to any team […]

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