Strong Coffee – 2016

Otherwise known as the Links Archive, Strong Coffee is a collection of sites that illustrate the state-of-the-art in web design, what is possible… Some things to know about the Links Archive; This is an annual listing, in other words, one post of links per calendar year, added to as sites are come upon. The farther back you go in time, the less state-of-the-art the sites may seem, but as the name suggests, this is an archive. Also important is that for many of these sites to perform as intended, they need to be viewed in up-to-date modern browsers on the desktop… Chrome, Firefox and Safari are your best bets at this time. Many may work fine viewed on a tablet… but chances are, your phone probably isn’t a good place to experience these links just due to the lack of screen real estate. Another caveat here in 2016 is that some Strong Coffee sites were authored using Adobe Flash, which simply doesn’t work in iOS on any non-computer Apple device… beyond that, happy hunting.