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Covered this week; Why’s it always some bullshit with these guys? Apple to announce complete switch to ARM processors at WWDC…

June 8, 2020

This November’s Presidential election would actually be one I was looking forward to if it weren’t for worries like those noted in this article by Ari Berman for Mother Jones.

In April, a state judge ruled that people afraid of contracting the coronavirus while voting had a legitimate reason to get an absentee ballot. Texas’ Republican attorney general has opposed the ruling, claiming that “a fear of contracting COVID-19” is “an emotional condition and not a physical” one, and has raised the prospect of “criminal sanctions” for groups like MOVE Texas that help voters under 65 obtain mail-in ballots. In late May, the state’s all-Republican Supreme Court agreed a lack of immunity to the virus alone was not a valid reason, but said voters could weigh their health history and make their own decision—a ruling that could cause confusion and leave some people requesting mail ballots open to prosecution. A separate appeal on the matter is pending in federal court.

June 9, 2020

Apple announces their transition to ARM processors at the WWDC later this month. This is a big announcement as it relates to the Mac universe and this Daring Fireball post offers a nice overview of the big questions surrounding the announcement.

What happens to current Intel-based Mac sales after Apple announces this big exciting transition months in advance? My guess: not much. Enthusiasts might wonder who would buy an Intel-based Mac after they’re essentially deprecated, but most people have no more idea what the difference is between Intel and ARM CPUs than they do 32-bit vs. 64-bit software. You might as well tell them you’re “switching from gizmos to widgets under the hood”.

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