Glenn Beck : Tool of the Year

Halloween… the time of the year when many of you may be looking for last minute costume ideas… So depending on your leanings… you may have landed here in the right place. In what is shaping up to be an annual “Tool of the Year” homage… Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall, two old mates from the Art Institute days, have just released their 3rd Annual Halloween Mask offering in the form of Glenn Beck’s bloated melon of a head… Simply visit this link, download, print it out, apply it to the diaper of your choice and Voila… you’re on the streets collecting candy.


In the words of the authors;

When the holiday is over, mask converts for daily use. Listen and watch Glenn in this perfect receptacle to fill your head with waste. Dispose of in trash can. Do not flush.

And if Glenn Beck doesn’t do it for you… visit the inaugural mask of tool supreme Larry Craig back from 2007… or the Rotten Monster set of awesome art from last year including John & Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin, RNC Chair Mike Duncan, Sean Hannity, Henry Kissinger, Joe Lieberman, Greta Van Susteren, Laura Bush and Charles Krauthammer. All tools in their own right…


Treat, no trick… enjoy.

Nic Rotondo

Nic Rotondo

Nic Rotondo - is the lead designer for the optiflux|mediatribe, a nocturnal design shop focused on graphics, branding and one-of-a-kind, handcrafted websites.

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  1. NO Thanks for the Masks Nic. I already have my Keith Overbite mask. Very appropriate since liberalism is the devil masquerading as compassion and a mental disease. AS a former Dem/union guy, I’m quite happy on the “other side” now and go to tea parties. I’d listen to Glen Beck any day over the rants of the compromised medias. I tolerate S&J’s occasional liberal comments just to listen to WWN but found Steve’s lamenting over the Wisconsin Union law completely ridiculous. I turned the show off that night. Of course it’s HIS show and I have a knob to turn it. That’s the good part. The bad part is the smug faux high ground liberals assume they have. Luckily we DO have people like Beck, Rush, Levin and Savage to remind us how lame and sneaky Politicians are. I’m very happy the Nation did a drop kick into Oblamea’s butt on Nov 2nd to stop this runaway Socialist debt. The nation gave us 700 new legislative seats, A New House Speaker and redistricting power in 13 of 18 states. So, feel free to giggle at Beck and the rest. They may be the ones running your forced Government Health Insurance some day. That would be true justice, a Health Czar like Sarah Palin as an appointee. BOO….Happy Belated Halloween.

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